How to Use a Water Conditioner in a Betta Bowl

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How to Use a Water Conditioner in a Betta Bowl
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Things You'll Need

  • Calendar

  • Water pitcher

  • Tap water

  • Betta water conditioner

  • Siphon or measuring cup

  • Small plastic bowl

  • Small fishnet

  • Thermometer


Change the water every two weeks in betta bowls larger than one gallon.

The male betta's flowing colorful fins make it a popular fishbowl-dwelling pet. Happy in a small space, these exotic fish require routine water changes to keep their environment healthy and safe. Preparing new water for the betta bowl includes removing chlorine, chloramines, ammonia and heavy metals. Using a water conditioner is a common way to do this.


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Step 1

Change the betta's water regularly. Mark your calendar and stick to the schedule. Plan to do a weekly complete water change on betta bowls one gallon or smaller. Set out a pitcher of tap water the night before a water change for small betta bowls kept at room temperature. This ensures that the water you add will be at the temperature your fish is used to, which is important to prevent stress or injury.


Step 2

Clarify the water with water conditioner on the day of the water change. Read the dosage instructions on the bottle of liquid water conditioner. Add the appropriate number of drops to the pitcher of water, making it safe for the betta.

Step 3

Prepare the betta bowl for the newly conditioned water. Remove one-third of the water in the bowl with a measuring cup or siphon. Put the water in a small plastic bowl. Use a net to scoop out the betta and place him in the bowl with the old water.


Step 4

Dispose of the old water from the betta bowl by pouring it down the sink. Rinse gravel and aquarium decorations with hot water. Do not use soap or cleansers unapproved for fish tank cleaning. Place the gravel and decorations back in the betta bowl. Allow the contents of the bowl to cool to room temperature.


Step 5

Pour the conditioned water into the betta bowl to the desired depth. Place a thermometer in the bowl of clean water. Make sure the temperature of the new water is the same as that of the old water.

Step 6

Place the betta in the clean bowl. Use a small fishnet to retrieve him from the temporary bowl. Lower him into the clean betta bowl with the conditioned water.

Step 7

Store the water conditioner for the next water change, or to treat water you use to top up the bowl between changes. Keep the water conditioner at room temperature.



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