Using Monistat for Yeast Infection in Dogs Ears

Yeast is a fungus that can cause superficial or internal infections. Many dogs suffer from ear infections that are caused by yeast overgrowth. A warm dark ear canal can become the perfect breeding ground for a yeast infection. Common signs your dog may have a yeast infection in the ears are frequent head shaking, rubbing the ears on furniture or carpet and scratching. Monistat vaginal cream is a safe and easy way to treat yeast infections in dog's ears. If you suspect your dog has a yeast infection, treat it immediately to relieve its discomfort.


Step 1

Make a homemade ear solution to clean your dog's ears. Mix three parts white vinegar with one part water and put several drops into the ears with a medicine dropper. Clean with gauze and wipe dry. Vinegar is naturally acidic, which will help control the yeast.

Step 2

Apply some Monistat vaginal cream in the dog's ears with a Q-tip. Be careful not to go any further into the ear than you can see, so you don't cause any damage to the ear drum. Apply Monistat twice a day to clean dry ears.

Step 3

Clean your dog's ears daily for three days, then every other day for a week. Then clean weekly to protect against future yeast infections.

Step 4

Take precautions to prevent the yeast infection from recurring. Towel dry your dog's ears when they get wet from swimming to prevent moisture from accumulating in the ear canals. Check your dog's ears often for signs of irritation or unpleasant odor.