How to Wash Your Dog's Face

By Jenny Green

A dog's face is one of her most sensitive areas, and washing it requires special care. Whether you're cleaning away every last scrap of the most recent smelly and disgusting substance your dog has rolled in, or finishing off her regular bath routine, following clear steps each time you wash her face reassures your dog that she has nothing to fear about being touched near her mouth, eyes and ears. Wash your dog's face before toweling or blow-drying the rest of her body after bath time. You can use the opportunity to check her eyes and ears for bumps, inflammation or soreness.

Wash your dog's face after washing and rinsing the rest of her body if you're washing her face during bath time. Although you may have used shampoo to wash her elsewhere, don't use it to wash her face. Rinse out a washcloth covered in shampoo if you plan to use it on your dog's face.

Comb your dog's face gently if she's a breed with long hair on her face, such as an old English sheepdog or Yorkshire terrier.

Soak a clean washcloth in clean, warm water and wring it out until it's damp. Hold your dog's face gently under her jaw with one hand and wipe her face with the washcloth in the other hand. Wipe in the direction her fur lies, starting from her nose and working toward her ears.

Wipe the outside of your dog's ears, and gently remove any dirt that's trapped on the inner hairs of her ears with your fingertips, but don't push the washcloth inside.

Rinse and wring out the washcloth as needed while washing your dog's face. Clean under any folds in her skin, and wipe stubborn spots several times until they're clean. Avoid roughly rubbing or scrubbing your dog's face.

Wipe your dog's face with a clean, dry washcloth when it's clean, taking care to dry beneath any skin folds. Comb any long facial hair to speed up the drying process.