How to Get Wax Out of Dog Hair

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Things You'll Need

  • Mineral or baby oil

  • Cotton ball

  • Metal grooming comb

  • Dog grooming table

  • Bath tub/shower

  • Dog shampoo


A dog grooming table with an attached grooming arm will both ensure that your dog is secure and that he does not move too excessively during grooming or treatments. Portable grooming tables are relatively inexpensive and easy to store between uses.

Begin combing long hair from the tip and work to the base of the shaft rather than trying to pull through from the base to the tip. You are less likely to pull your dog's hair this way.

According to Samantha Woodlands, owner and operator of Doggie Wash Boutique in San Diego, California getting wax or any sticky substance out of a dog's hair is time consuming but fairly simple. Woodlands states that not all breeds of dogs have the same texture and therefore some dog hair will respond differently than others when trying to remove wax. In general, however, the same wax removal technique is widely used in the dog grooming community.


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Step 1

Hold your dog in a comfortable position on surface that will discourage slipping if he moves. An elevated surface, such as a counter top or even the seat of the couch will help reduce pressure on your back if the process turns into a lengthy one.


Step 2

Soak a cotton ball with mineral or baby oil. Rub the cotton ball over the hair that has wax in it. Make sure the hair and wax is thoroughly coated with oil.

Step 3

Use a wide-toothed metal grooming comb to work through the wax-coated hair. The oil will work to loosen the wax while you are combing.


Step 4

Repeat this process until the hair has broken free from the wax.

Step 5

Bathe your dog to wash away excess wax and oil.