The Best Ways to Shampoo a Goldendoodle

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Goldendoodles are a hybrid dog breed created by combining a poodle and a golden retriever. The resulting breed mixes the temperamental and physical characteristics of both types of dogs. Among these characteristics is a coat with the curly appearance of a poodle but a finer texture like that of the golden retriever. Caring for the dog's unique hair requires a proper shampooing method to ensure clean and healthy coat, and finding the best goldendoodle shampoo can be challenging.


Goldendoodles are a hybrid dog breed created by combining a poodle and a golden retriever.
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Choosing the best goldendoodle shampoo

While there are many types of dog shampoos available, the sensitivity of a goldendoodle's skin to shampoo chemicals often requires the use of human baby shampoo products — but only baby shampoos. Many human shampoos do not have the correct pH balance for dogs.


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However, a no-tears baby shampoo is gentle enough on the dog's skin while also protecting the eyes from irritation. A two-in-one shampoo and conditioner combination especially formulated for dogs is another option that also makes it easier to comb through the dog's coat when bath time is over. Unless the dog's coat has become soiled, goldendoodles should only be bathed once a month.


Shampooing a goldendoodle face

It is important to avoid getting shampoo in the goldendoodle's eyes during the bathing process. To ensure no suds come in contact with the eyes, owners can forgo shampoo on the face in favor of a moistened washcloth to wipe away any dirt. You can also use an applicator bottle to apply no-tears baby shampoo in small amounts to the areas around the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. A toothbrush helps to create lather in specific areas which are then rinsed thoroughly with water.


Shampooing a goldendoodle body

Move down the dog’s body to avoid getting shampoo in the dog’s eyes.
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When shampooing the body of a goldendoodle, the shampoo should be applied directly to the coat from neck to tail. When working up lather, it is important to move down the dog's body to avoid getting shampoo in the dog's eyes. During the shampooing process, a fine-toothed comb can be used to remove knots and tangles. In addition, the comb helps remove debris that can be caught in the dog's coat. The entire body, including the undercarriage, legs, tail, and back should be shampooed to ensure the dog is fully clean.


Rinsing after shampooing

Rinsing properly is important to the health of a goldendoodle's coat and skin. When shampoo is left in the dog's fur, it results in dry and irritated skin. Goldendoodles must be rinsed several times with a long shower hose that allows owners and groomers to remove all traces of shampoo from the dog's body. To avoid the possibility of shampoo getting in the dog's eyes, rinse from the front of the dog to the back.


Drying after shampooing

Towel dry as much water as possible, then let the dog shake.
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Towel dry as much water as possible, then let the dog shake. Repeat. Leaving your dog to air dry on warm days is fine. But if a quicker dry is necessary, groomers recommend towel wrapping a dog: drape the towel on the dog and pull one end around the tummy and the other around the chest, then clip underneath. The towel will absorb excess water faster than air drying. Finish the job with a good brushing to prevent matting.



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