Yorkie Maltese Mix Information

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Close-up of a Morkie puppy in a pink blanket.
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A Yorkshire terrier and Maltese mix might look like a combination of both parents or bear a stronger resemblance to one or the other. One thing's for sure -- this little dog is cute. This hybrid cross, often referred to as a Morkie, makes a wonderful small companion, as do both of the parent breeds.


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Morkie Size

Neither the Yorkshire terrier nor Maltese breed standard specifies a height for their dogs, although there is a weight limit for American Kennel Club conformation show standards. Neither breed can exceed 7 pounds at maturity, so expect your Morkie to be about the same weight. He should stand between 8 to 10 inches tall at the shoulder when full-grown.

General Appearance

The Maltese is solid white, while the Yorkie is blue and tan. Both breeds have silky, single coats. Morkies often have Yorkie-type coloring with white patches, but they can appear predominately white with blue or tan spots or points. Your Morkie could have the standing ears of his Yorkshire terrier heritage or longer, straight ears reflecting his Maltese ancestry. He'll almost certainly have the bright dark eyes and the black button nose common to both breeds.


Morkie Temperament

The Yorkshire terrier evolved as a rodent control specialist in his native England. Today's Yorkies aren't likely employed killing rats, but they do have that active, curious, inquisitive terrier temperament. The Maltese, whose ancestry dates back thousands of years, has always been a companion canine. Expect your Morkie to be sweet but spunky, friendly but feisty. He should get along with other pets, but both breeds have a tendency to take on dogs much larger than they are. Both breeds tend to bark a lot, so you might have to deal with some yapping.


Morkie Health

Yorkies and Maltese are relatively healthy toy breeds, without many genetic diseases. Those issues that do arise are often shared with other small dog breeds, such as dental disease and slipped kneecaps. Both breeds might suffer from a congenital condition called portosystemic shunt, which requires surgical correction for the liver to operate properly. Yorkies and Maltese are prone to glaucoma, with the latter also prone to another eye disease, progressive retinal atrophy. Yorkies are subject to hypothyroidism as they age. Expect your Morkie to share your life for the next 13 years or so.