10 Incredible DIY Dog Houses With Plans

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Your dog is more than just a pet. They're part of the family. And as an official member of the family, they deserve a space to call their own. Whether you opt to make a classic doghouse or go with something with a little more flair, your pup will run laps of excitement once they see their new doghouse.


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1. Nomad Style

Credit: The Bark

Only the coolest pups need apply. This retro style camper is truly a labor of love but the end result is totally worth it. Pick a prime location in your living room for it since this doghouse is designed to stay indoors which is good since you'll want to look at is as much as possible after all your hard work.


2. Classically Crooked

Credit: Ana White

This doghouse is crooked in all the right places and would be perfect nestled among the flowers in your garden. If you're lucky your pup may even help you water the plants.


3. Breezy Bungalow

Credit: Shanty 2 Chic

This open-air style doghouse will keep your pooch out of the sun and give him a place to relax while still being part of the party. You might just need to make one in your size too.


4. Dog Cabin

Credit: DIY Cozy Home

The tiny house of the dog world, this cabin style pad boasts a spacious front porch and a built in food and water dish. Just don't be jealous when all your friends tell you that your dog's new house is cooler than yours.


5. Modern Beauty

Credit: DIY Network

Your backyard is about to get a major upgrade with this modern doghouse. The trendy metal roof and stained wood base make things both practical and pretty. Let's just hope your dog likes it as much as you do.


6. Mobile Home

Credit: Instructables

Perfect for the pup that is always on the move, this doghouse on wheels is a stylish solution. The adorable front porch gives your dog a place to rest his head after a long day of chasing squirrels and the wheels in the back make moving it around a breeze.


7. Room With A View

Credit: DIY Network

If your dog is going to be locked up for an extended amount of time, consider giving them a little extra space to stretch out while you're gone. Now your pup will stay dry if it happens to rain and can sprawl out in the grass on a sunny afternoon.


8. Sun Deck Sanctuary


Made almost entirely from pallets, this angular doghouse offers its lucky occupant a big window and a sun deck that's perfect for catching rays and barking excessively at the neighbor's cat.

9. Sweet and Simple

Credit: Remove and Replace

If you prefer something more on the basic side but that's still attractive — look no further. This no-frills model will get the job done and look good doing it. Add a punch of bright color to make it stand out in your yard and give yourself a treat for a job well done.

10. Rooftop Relaxation

Credit: Home Depot

Give your stud the ultimate bachelor pad, complete with a rooftop deck that's perfect for both lounging and watching over his kingdom (AKA the backyard). He may never want to come inside again, but can you blame him?