10 Most Popular House Dogs

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10 Most Popular House Dogs

The best house dogs are the ones who are content to stick by your side indoors. With a calm demeanor and the desire to snuggle close on the couch or in their own bed, good inside dogs are the ideal pick for both regular homes and apartment living. Great house dogs are also smart for folks whose job or lifestyle keeps them away from home for stretches of time. Still, every animal needs to get outside to exercise, play, and do his business on the hydrant or in the bushes. As you consider dogs in the house, review your schedule to see if it will mesh with a new pup's needs.


Good inside dogs

Size doesn't always determine whether the pet you pick is going to enjoy spending more time inside than outdoors. Indeed, apartment living matches well with smaller animals, but if the canine you select barks like mad, you'll hear about it from all your neighbors. On the other hand, there are many large and even giant breeds who are secretly thrilled to nap for hours at a time while you're at work.


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Do some research on the dog types you're considering so you're familiar with the characteristics of each. If you're rescuing a dog, ask the shelter how the pup spends her days as well as the number of walks and the amount of playtime she requires.

House dogs who are calm

Another factor to bear in mind is your potential pet's demeanor. A calm attitude and quiet, composed outlook are important clues when seeking to adopt house dogs who will spend quality time inside.


The age of your pet is also a consideration. A puppy is a lot of work since you'll be housebreaking him as well as engaging in socialization and obedience training. A senior dog (and some rescue animals) will likely come with these skills already down pat, and since an older canine by nature will walk less than younger ones, these picks often make great house dogs.


Top 10 indoor dogs

The 10 most popular dogs for mostly inside living may be big or small and young or old. Popular house dogs may also be rescued or adopted, so consider both options as you plan for your new pet.


  1. Bulldog:​ Squat and muscular, this smallish canine can reside nicely in an apartment or petite home. Plus, they only require moderate exercise.

  2. Cavalier King Charles spaniel:​ She's pretty, and she knows it! The Cavalier spaniel is happy to be a lap dog, which makes the breed a popular house pick.

  3. Basset hound:​ Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to a basset. This pup has origins in France and Belgium and is perfectly fine with long siestas at home.

  4. Great Dane:​ Don't be fooled by this canine's big bones. A Great Dane dog needs a couple of walks but saunters slowly as he ages and loves to relax inside.

  5. Saint Bernard: ​This regal Swiss import only needs about 30 minutes of motion a day to keep her satisfied. The rest of the time? Move over on the couch!

  6. Pekingese:​ Do you have a quiet home with no kids? That's the best scenario for this fluffy pup.

  7. Chow chow:​ Moderate exercise is good for this canine type, especially in an area that's not too hot. (All that fur means it's hard for him in very warm climates).

  8. Pug:​ If you love to recline on the couch in front of the hockey game, a pug will join you in a flash. Be sure to fit in some exercise, as this breed tends to pack on the pounds.

  9. Clumber spaniel:​ Mellow is this dog's middle name, making her a top pick for indoor living.

  10. Boston terrier:​ Playing inside with a ball or squeaker is great for this canine, though a few walks are also smart too.



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