10 Spooky Homemade Halloween Treats For Dogs

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With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to stock up on candy for trick-or-treaters. Having things covered for the kids may leave you wondering what you are going to do about your dog. Sure, you got her a great costume, or you plan to bring him with your family as you go door to door, but one of the greatest parts of Halloween — indulging in so much confectionary goodness your teeth practically rot over night — isn't a possibility for Fido. What's a dog-loving pet owner to do? Make some canine-friendly treats yourself!


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1. Throw 'em a Skeleton Bone

Credit: Irresistible Pets


A bone is the quintessential dog treat for halloween, and skeleton bone treat is so simple, you probably have all the ingredients already. Once your dog has a taste for these bones, no skeleton will be safe!

2. Light Up their Life with PB Jack’o’lanterns

Credit: Best Dog Treat Recipes


Roll out some peanut butter treats for your four legged friends this Halloween. Simple to prepare, and quick to bake, your dog will be waiting by the oven for these homemade treats. Choose pumpkin shapes or go spooky with ghosts--either way, your dog will thank you.

3. Beg For Brains--Or Just These Zombie Treats

Credit: Dalmatian DIY


There is nothing scarier than a slew of zombies shambling along searching for brains, am I right? Encourage your dog to fend off zombies with these Halloween zombie treats that taste so good (to your dog) that it's almost supernatural!

4. Go Batty With Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Treats

Credit: Fuzzfeed.com


Pumpkin spice may be all the rage for humans during the fall, and if you suspect your dog is jealous that she can't indulge, you're probably right. Use this Halloween as an opportunity to share the pumpkin spice love with these peanut butter and pumpkin treats.

5. Grab a Paw Full of Canine Friendly Candy Corn

Credit: Dalmatian DIY


Having a bowl of candy corn on the table is pretty much a halloween tradition, and trust me, your dog will love these candy corn Halloween dog treats a whole lot better than those waxy made for human candies. Naturally colored with corn meal, turmeric, and pureed pumpkin, this will be a recipe to pull out this time every year.


6. Chew Up These Headless Horseman Dog Treats

Credit: Vintage Kitty


When there's candy temptation everywhere your dog looks, these pumpkin seed and cinnamon pumpkins are just what your furry friend needs to satisfy their own cravings. Added bonus: they are completely gluten free, so even wheat sensitive dogs can enjoy them.

7. Moan For Pumpkin Cheese Mummy Treats

Credit: Kolchakpuggle.com

These ghastly cheese and pumpkin mummy treats will be good enough to raise the dead. Your dog will gobble them up so quickly you won't believe your eyes.

8. Growl for Granola Bars

Credit: Healthy Hound Bakery

Autumn flavors combine together in these oat and almond grrrrrrnola bars that will have your hound tying himself in knots to get one. The perfect combination of sweet and savory, so tasty your dog will do almost anything--even wear that costume you (lovingly) forced him into.

9. Gulp Down Every Arachnophobe’s Worst Nightmare

Credit: Dogvilles.com

These electric dog treat spiders many not give your dog superhero powers, but they will sure taste great. Make sure she chows down on these creepy crawlies before they have time to lay eggs and take over the house!

10. Frost Boring Dog Treats to Make Them Eerily Delicious

Credit: With Sprinkles On Top

Give your dog treats a spectral makeover with this yogurt frosting that is safe for your dog to eat.

With a basic dog biscuit recipe and some fun Halloween cookie cutters, you can transform any treat into something hair-raisingly tasty.


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