10 Times Your Cat Was Totally Over You

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Cat lovers of the world, you know the drill. You love your kitty to pieces. You would do anything in the world for your little fur ball, yet there are days when they act like you are the lamest, most boring, most annoying person on Earth. Except for when there's food involved. Then they're your best friend for life all over again.

Next time your cat is treating you like Regina George treats everybody in Mean Girls, take a look at this list and take heart that you are not alone. Yeah, your kitty may be a total aloof weirdo, but that's just a part of their inaccessible charm.

1. No pictures please, I don’t want people to think we’re friends.

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2. When your cat hates you so much he can’t even bear to be in your sight line.

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3. When both your cats are SO over you that you can’t even tell which one is more over you (probably little dude to the right, but real talk, it’s anyone’s guess.)

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4. Your cat is so over you she stole your hat and got into someone else’s car and is now driving away. Forever.

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5. It takes your cat a hot minute to remember whether or not she hates you, but then she remembers that yes, of course, she definitely hates you.

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6. If you wanted there to be the teensy-tiniest chance your cat liked you, why did you give your cat a bath? He is so over you now, and it is all your fault forever.

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7. Good news is you got a really funny picture of your cat that’s going to get you a bazillion likes on Instagram. Bad news is now your cat is over you forever.

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8. Your cat basically Macgyver-ed this ingenious vehicle out of things in your closet to get away from you.

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9. I mean, you took your cat to the vet, what did you THINK was going to happen?

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10. Your cat learned what sarcasm is, and is now using it on you.

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