11 Animal Memes All Introverts Can Relate To

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For introverts, being around other humans can drain our energy. Being around animals, thankfully, doesn't tend to have the same effect. Maybe that's why we relate so hard to these animal memes that perfectly capture what it's like to be a human introvert.

1 - We have a different definition of partying.

Image: Louderminds

2 - And if we forget our book, we have to improvise.

Image: Tumblr

3 - But sometimes we’re not up for the party.

Image: Pinterest

4 - But honestly, we’re happier staying in.

Image: Pinterest

5 - Because when you go out into the world, people talk to you. Sometimes two at once.

Image: Pinterest

6- Even the people talking are people we like, sometimes we just need a break.

Image: Pinterest

7 - Just starting conversations is awkward, TBH.

Image: vergecampus

8 - Introverts take pleasure in the small things.

Image: imgflip

9 -And we prefer to see our introversion as a positive.

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9 - Honestly, sometimes just a normal day can be a whole thing for an introvert.

Image: introvertspring

10 - Introverted puffin GETS it.

Image: memecrunch.com