11 Animals Who Rock Trump Hair WAY Better Than Trump

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Donald Trump. We won't even get into all the emotions that name brings up, so instead let's just talk about the hair — ah, the hair.

Atop Trump's head is a blonde nest that he swears is real. Painstakingly coiffed and sprayed, his hair brings up a whole slew of feelings, adjectives, and descriptions: "bread at the end of a loaf," "a Kangol hat made of spun sugar," "an unruly shrub."

For our part, we're more drawn to the animals in the universe that look like Trump — naturally or otherwise. Of course, we couldn't stop there and had to find some Trump-like animals to make us feel better about the political process. Seriously, these members of the animal kingdom look a whole lot better with Trump hair than he does. We needed this political laugh.

Let's have a look-see shall we?

1. Beginning with this rabbit doing the salt-and-pepper Trump swoop.

Credit: KenTutton/Twitter

2. And this bird who has the whole nest-like toupee thing figured out.

Credit: @Gotham3/ Twitter

3. Then of course, there’s this caterpillar that looks like Trump’s literal hair come to life.

Credit: C_Doogz/Twitter

4. This cat.

Credit: Imgur

5. And, yeah, this cat.

Credit: ‏@laners816/Twitter

6. This hamster is actually just Trump’s hair with eyes.

Credit: @Christrutwin/Twitter

7. This squirrel is doing punk Trump.


8. And this tiny dog represents Trump if he were a soccer mom named Janet.

Credit: Pinterest

9. This chicken looks an awful lot like Trump too.

Credit: Imgur

10. But, interestingly enough, not quite as much as the blob fish does...and it doesn't even have hair.

Credit: mnn

11. And this guy? Uncanny.

Credit: Pinterest