11 Super Easy Dog-Friendly Pizza Recipes

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There may be no greater edible creation on earth than pizza. Seriously, whoever thought to combine the gooey deliciousness of melted cheese, savory tomato sauce, and bread — not to mention all of those amazing toppings — may have been the most brilliant culinary mind, well, ever. That being said, when pizza is your favorite food of all time (as it is mine) but your best four-legged friend can't enjoy it with you, something is very wrong with the world. So, when you want to enjoy your preferred pizza with your beloved best doggy friend, these pizza recipes are exactly what you need. Make a dog-friendly pizza while your pizza is being delivered and enjoy dinner together.


1. A Pizza Packed With Meat

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Talk about a meat lovers pizza! These whole wheat pizzas are topped with bacon and shredded carrots, pepperoni and tomato paste for a delicious dog treat that can easily be made dairy-free.

2. Chicken Pizza That Looks Good Enough For Humans

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This cheesy pizza with shredded chicken looks tasty and is definitely a recipe you and your dog can both enjoy! With simple ingredients like mozzarella, whole wheat flour, egg and water, you probably have all the ingredients on hand already.

3. A Gluten-Free Dog-Friendly Pizza For Those Sensitive Tummies

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Made with coconut flour, this deep dish pizza is completely gluten free. Topped with a little bit of ham and mashed sweet potato, this is a pizza both you and your dog can feel good about.

4. Pizza Dog Treat Bones

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If you are worried about getting your pizza and your dog's pizza confused, these pizza flavored dog treats are a great solution. Packed with sun dried tomatoes, herbs and parmesan, these crunchy treats taste just like pizza.

5. Primally Inspired Cauliflower Calzones

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This recipe for gluten-free dairy-free calzones is actually designed for humans, but because all of the ingredients are completely dog friendly (in moderation of course) you can make a double batch. Some for you, and some for your pup!

6. Bacon Bit Pizza For Pups

Credit: Best-dog-treat-recipes.com


A gourmet pizza is a great dinner, and this pie looks exactly the way a handmade pizza should look. Once your dog smells this pizza coming out of the oven topped with bacon bits, dog treat icing, and some beet powder, she will turn into a giant drool machine!

7. Apple and Cheddar Pizza Bones

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Savory cheddar dog biscuits combine the best parts of pizza. Dip them in a little tomato sauce and your dog will gobble them up quickly, so watch your fingers!

8. Gluten-Free Pizza That Has Everything

Credit: Wikihow

This step-by-step recipe for gluten free pizza is packed full of flavor with yummy meat toppings as well as some low fat options like mashed sweet potato, veggies, and your pup's favorite treats. For a well rounded dinner that won't add to your dog's waistline, this pizza will do the trick.

9. Ham and Cheese Pizza for Pups

Credit: Feedmypaws

This doggy pizza is a great one to make when you haven't got a huge amount of time or don't want to use too many ingredients--it has only 6! Plus the video is super easy to follow, and your dog will love his pizza treat.

10. Carrot Pizza For a Healthy Option

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An organic oat crust, tomato base, and shredded carrots on top make this pizza a favorite your dog will want to eat for every meal. Serve it with a side of kibble or simply plate it by itself. Or put it on the floor. Your dog won't care so long as she gets to eat it.

11. Grain Free Deep Dish Pizza For Dogs

And rounding out the list is this recipe that comes to you from us at Cuteness.com — an incredibly easy and fun-to-make, grain-free pizza your pooch is sure to gobble up. The crust is made from wholesome coconut flour flavored with some dog-safe herbs, and toppings include low-fat mozarella, steamed veggies, and optional dog sausage treats. Buon appetito!

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