105 Disney Names For Female Dogs

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You grew up watching Disney movies on VHS. You cried the first time you went to Disneyland. You're obviously naming your pet after a Disney character, but where do you start? There are so many to choose from!

Never fear. Let us guide you, and your new female dog will have the perfect Disney name in no time.


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Disney princess names

  • Cinderella (Cinderella)
  • Jasmine (Aladdin)
  • Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
  • Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
  • Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)
  • Pocahontas (Pocahontas)
  • Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Mulan (Mulan)
  • Giselle (Enchanted)
  • Merida (Brave)


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Other Disney names

  • Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  • Laverne (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  • Megara (Hercules)
  • Hera (Hercules)
  • Thalia (Hercules)
  • Pegasus (Hercules)
  • Jane (Tarzan)
  • Princess Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
  • Helga (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
  • Jessie (Toy Story)
  • Princess Dot (A Bug's Life)
  • Princess Atta (A Bug's Life)
  • Vanellope (Wreck-It-Ralph)
  • Jubileena (Wreck-It-Ralph)
  • Taffyta Muttonfudge (Wreck-It-Ralph)
  • Nala (The Lion King)
  • Sarabi (The Lion King)
  • Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians)
  • Perdita (101 Dalmatians)
  • Anita (101 Dalmatians)
  • Nanny (101 Dalmatians)
  • Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Fauna (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Flora (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
  • Aquata (The Little Mermaid)
  • Andrina (The Little Mermaid)
  • Arista (The Little Mermaid)
  • Atina (The Little Mermaid)
  • Adella (The Little Mermaid)
  • Alanna (The Little Mermaid)
  • Princess Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron)
  • Faline (Bambi)
  • Lilo (Lilo & Stitch)
  • Nani (Lilo & Stitch)
  • Miss Bianca (The Rescuers)
  • Duchess (The Aristocats)
  • Marie (The Aristocats)
  • Amelia Gabble (The Aristocats)
  • Frou-Frou (The Aristocats)
  • Wendy (Peter Pan)
  • Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)


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  • Nana (Peter Pan)
  • Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Lady (Lady and the Tramp)
  • Mary (Mary Poppins)
  • Winifred (Mary Poppins)
  • Kanga (Winnie the Pooh)
  • Marian/ Maid Marian (Robin Hood)
  • Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Nakoma (Pocahontas)
  • Mrs. Potato Head (Toy Story)
  • Chica (The Emperor's New Groove)
  • Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove)
  • Cass Hamada (Big Hero 6)
  • Roz (Monsters Inc)
  • Celia (Monsters Inc)
  • Boo (Monsters Inc)


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  • Dory (Finding Nemo)
  • Pearl (Finding Nemo)
  • Elastigirl (The Incredibles)
  • Violet (The Incredibles)
  • Edna (The Incredibles)
  • Abby (Chicken Little)
  • Foxy Loxy (Chicken Little)
  • Goosey Loosey (Chicken Little)
  • Tina (Chicken Little)
  • Sally (Cars)
  • Flo (Cars)
  • Colette (Ratatouille)
  • EVE (WALL-E)
  • Charlotte (The Princess and the Frog)
  • Eudora (The Princess and the Frog)
  • Evangaline (The Princess and the Frog)
  • Elsa (Frozen)
  • Anna (Frozen)
  • Joy (Inside Out)
  • Judy Hopps (Zootopia)
  • Minnie (General Disney universe)
  • Daisy (General Disney universe)
  • Alice Bluebonnet (Make Mine Music)
  • Olivia Flaversham (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Felicia (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Rita (Oliver & Company)
  • Jenny Foxworth (Oliver & Company)
  • Georgette (Oliver & Company)
  • Miss Bianca (The Rescuers)
  • Gadget Hackwrench (Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers)
  • Madame Upanova (Fantasia)
  • Mindy (Bolt)
  • Mittens (Bolt)
  • Penny (Bolt)


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Pets are like our children. We love them, care for them, and we get to dress them up in adorable outfits if that's a thing we feel like doing. So it's extra important that we take time to find the perfect name that reflects our new girl dog's personality.


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