13 IKEA Hacks For Your Pets

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Searching for pet furniture can be disappointing. Everything's either out of your price range or, well, butt ugly. Instead of settling , head to your local IKEA and hack a piece that will fit your pet's needs — and your style.


1. Pantone Dog Bed

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Color-obsessed? This dog bed is perfect and requires only an IKEA lack table, a cardboard tube, and paint swatches. Decoupage the paint swatches to the legs and sides of your upside-down table and do the same for the cardboard tube topper. Your pooch will be napping in style in no time.

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2. Litter Box Cover

Just because a litter box is a necessity, even the most devoted cat-owner would rather not ook at it all day. That's where a simple IKEA storage cabinet comes to the rescue. When the doors are closed, it looks like any other piece of furniture. But it's just the right size to house the litter box, scooper and extra plastic bags.


3. Pet Bowl Stand

Do you constantly kick over your pet's water bowl, which then forces you to towel up what feels like a gallon of water off the floor? Well, that's about to be a problem of the past. Create a tiny table for your pet's dishes from four IKEA desk risers and a plain tabletop and you'll wonder why you didn't think of this sooner. Take it a step further and attach small strips of Velcro to the bottom of the bowls so your dogs can't accidentally knock it over either.


4. Modern Cat Scratcher

Kindly persuade your feline friend to not scratch your furniture by presenting them him a modern scratcher, complete with pillow topper and toy, of his very own. Made from an inexpensive IKEA rast table, this scratcher can be fully customized to match your homes design and color scheme. Paint it a fun color or leave it natural, choose a punchy fabric for the cushion or go with something more neutral. Whichever route you choose, this is one piece of pet furniture you won't mind looking at every day.



5. Dresser Dog Bed

If you're short on space or just don't want a regular old dog bed lying in the middle of your floor, this double duty hack is for you. By constructing a dog bed from the third drawer of an IKEA dresser, you'll get a place for your pup to rest and still be able to use the top two drawers for all your stuff.


6. Bunny Bed

Bunnies need a place to sleep, too, and a doll bed from IKEA is the perfect size (not to mention super cute!). There's not much you need to do to the bed to get it ready for your bunny, besides maybe adding a plastic lining to the bottom in case he has an accident mid-nap. Your bunny may never nap anywhere else ever again, but can you blame him?


7. Litter Box Hideaway

If you need a larger litter box (or even multiple ones) and a regular enclosure is too small, consider adding curtains to an IKEA lack table and hiding them underneath. Your cats will have an ample amount of room (and privacy) to do their business and you'll have a stylish piece of furniture that'll look good in any room of the house. Attach the curtains with pieces of Velcro so they can easily be removed and washed once they get dusty.



8. Murphy Dog Bed

Bigger dogs require bigger beds, and in the interest of them not completely taking over yours, it's probably a good idea to make them one of their own. Save space with this IKEA pax hack, which will give you a super-cool sideboard and a fold-out dog bed all in one. Murphy beds aren't just for humans anymore!

Article source: Little Houses Big Dogs

9. Cat Tree

Make a few custom cat perches that don't immediately scream "crazy cat lady in the house!" as soon as you see them using basic IKEA shelves and scraps of carpet. Not only will this give your cat a place to overlook his entire domain, it'll free up some floor space for you, too. Hang the shelves at various heights to make sure your cat can reach the top one and that they're sturdy enough to hold their weight before you release your cat to their new favorite resting spot.

10. Dog Crate Bedside Table

Next time you're looking for a new night table that'll also double as storage for your dog's crate, head over to the baby section at IKEA. This Gulliver changing table is the perfect size for a medium-sized dog crate (or even just a dog bed) and won't make you cringe every time you see it. An added bonus: You can still use the top to store all your essentials. It's a definite win-win solution!


11. Double-Decker Cat Bed

Probably one of the easiest hacks there is, this double tray table from IKEA will give your felines a modern place to lounge­— perfect if you have two cats.

12. Rabbit Hutch

Purchasing an actual bunny hutch can set you back a pretty penny and might not even go with the rest of the furniture in your house. Instead of picking something you hate, make something that's just your style. By adding mesh doors and tile flooring to an IKEA Besta closet, you'll end up with a piece that's waterproof, cozier, and a lot more attractive than anything you'd buy at a pet store.

13. Litter Box Chest

You can never have too many options when it comes to hiding the dreaded litter box. This simple project can be completed in under an hour and will completely transform your kitty litter situation. Line the inside of the chest with sheets of plastic to keep any mess contained in the event that your cat accidentally misses the box (better safe than sorry!). Now, if only you could get your cat to keep the litter inside the box.

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