14 Adorable & Doable Animal-Themed Foods

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Hey cuteness junkies! We probably don't need to convince you that food items in the shape of cuddly critters are waaay better than food items in the shape of...well...food. Are we right or are we right? That's why we've compiled 14 of our favorite animal-themed foodstuffs we found on the web that are not only super adorbs, but super doable -- that means no food decor expertise is needed. Let the culinary cuteness commence!


1. Ice Cream Polar Bear


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All it takes is a scooper and a few simple ingredients to make this chubby, chilled-out vanilla ice cream polar bear. Better yet, he's chocolate-trimmed! Food you'll need: vanilla ice cream, gumdrops, M&Ms (or similar) brown chocolate candies, Cheerios (or similar) cereal Os, mini chocolate chips, brown icing.


2. Deviled Egg Chicks


Be the hero of your next Easter potluck when you adorn the dinner table with these hatchling deviled eggs. Food you'll need: hard boiled eggs, carrot, peppercorns.

3. Teddy Bear S'mores


These teddy bear s'mores are both easy and adorable, though they might be a tad too fiddly for the campfire. Pajama parties on the other hand? Perfect!

4. Cheerios Sheep



These sugary sheep are the perfect sweet snackage item to bring to your next knitting circle meet-up, don't you think? Food you'll need: butter, mini marshmallows, Cheerios (or similar), chocolate and/or yogurt-covered almonds, chocolate chips, pretzel sticks.

5. Breakfast Owls


Having a tough time convincing the kids to gobble down their most important meal of the day? These breakfast owls are the solution — and they're a hoot to boot! Food you'll need: toast slices, peanut butter, banana slices, blueberries for the eyes, strawberry slices, Cheerios (or similar)


6 . Mini Kitty Pizzas

Miniature pizzas? Cute! Miniature kitty pizzas? CRAZY CUTE! Or should we say Crazy Cat Lady Cute? Food you'll need: sliced bread, pizza sauce, mozzarella, nori and/or olives, fried pasta sticks.

7. Dog In a Dog


Ok, so some of you may not consider making bread from scratch an easily "doable" feat — but that's where bread machines and ready-made refrigerated or frozen bread dough come in handy. So, baker or not, there's no excuse not to make this insanely fun dog-in-a-dog meal for your next (canine-themed?) lunch party.

8. Sheep Cupcakes

Here's another sweet treat to share with your knitting circle — sheep cupcakes! No time to bake? Store bought cakes will do. Food you'll need: cupcakes, frosting, marshmallows, extra chocolate cake (for the sheep's heads), candy eyeballs, pretzel sticks.

9. Pig Cupcakes

Another easy-peasy cupcake decor idea. We think that if you're going to pig out on cupcakes anyway, then why not go whole hog. Right? Food you'll need: cupcakes, pink frosting, large pink marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, candy eyeballs, pink sugar sprinkles (optional).

10. Pawprint Cupcakes


And yet another cupcake idea. We think these super duper easy animal print cupcakes would be perfect for an animal shelter fundraising event. Food you'll need: cupcakes, frosting, Oreos (or similar) and brown M&Ms (or similar).

11. Fishy Sandwich

Ah, the animal-shaped lunch. A friend to mothers and babysitters of picky eaters everywhere. If your tiny tots are a fan of fishies, maybe this fintastic sandwich (sorry, I couldn't help myself) will convince 'em to eat their veggies. Food you'll need: bread, cheese, carrot, cucumber, olives

12. Huggy Bear Football/Rugby Cookies

There's cute and then there's OMG-I-CAN'T-EVEN cute. We think these cookies in the shape of teddy bears hugging almonds (which double as mini footballs or rugby balls) fall into the latter category. Just get yourself the perfect cookie cutter and get ready to score big at your next after-game party. Craft blog DIYnCrafts not only offers the perfect cookie recipe for these, but an awesome video tutorial on how to make them. Food you'll need: roll-out cookie dough, almonds


13. Spaghetti Nest with Meatball Chicks

Not that it's tough to get kids to eat spaghetti and meatballs, but if you can improve your dinner game even more by turning your kids' fave meal into something as delightful as it is delicious, then why not? In a few minutes flat, you can turn an everyday dish into little birdies hunkered down in a pasta nest. Food you'll need: spaghetti, meatballs, carrot or orange peel, celery, candy eyes.

14. Doggie Dog Buns

Why are they called hot dogs? So fans of cute food can create squeee-worthy dog-shaped hot dog meals like this one? Ok, so maybe not, but we can't get enough of these dog-shaped hot dog dishes nonetheless. If you're not a proficient at making bread from scratch, use your dough setting on a bread machine or simply buy ready-made white bread dough. Food you'll need: bread dough, black beans.


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