15 Animal Memes That Only People On Diets Will Get

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You're trying to eat healthier. Yay, good for you — we support you a million percent in your lifestyle change! But you know who really gets your struggle? Pets. They want to eat all the same things you want — pizza, birthday cake, basically anything with carbs/dairy/refined sugar. The struggle is real for both of you. Solidarity, friends. You and these animal memes are going to get through this together.

1. Sometimes it takes a LITTLE while to really get that diet going...

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2. ...So you have to reschedule.

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3. And nothing's worse than those first few agonizing days...

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4. ...When people praise you for “eating clean” and you’re like “STFU.”

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5. All those times you forget you’re on a diet.

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6. When your dinner date orders a bomb looking burger.

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7. Meanwhile, you’re trying to eat your salad, but…

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8. Also, the person you’re eating with has barely TOUCHED their fries.

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9. You on cheat day.

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10. Which sometimes turns into cheat week.

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11. Especially when you have enablers for friends.

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12. But for the most part, you’re being good.

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13. Even when it’s hard.

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14. And we mean really, really, REALLY hard.

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15. You’ve got this. We believe in you! You just gotta take this thing one step at a time like...

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