15 Movie Pets All '90s Kids Will Remember

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If you were a '90s kid, chances are you logged some important TV and movie-watching hours. If you were anything like us here at Cuteness, you also probably totally wanted to take home the pets that belonged to your favorite on-screen characters. Trust us, we don't blame you. To relive those couch potato kid glory days we're strolling down memory lane with a shout out to some of our favorite fictional pets. These guys were the OGs. (And for the record we're talking IRL animals here, no cartoon canines in these parts.)

1 - Air Bud

Image: MTV

You can't tell us you didn't dream of having a golden retriever with insane athletic skills.


2 - Babe

Image: Universal

You also can't talk about pets and the '90s without paying homage to Babe the gallant pig.


3 - Wishbone

Image: The Toast

Or Wishbone, the incredibly literary dog, for that matter.


4 - Dunston

Image: Giphy

This one might not be front of mind, but dig deep and you will remember the orangutan Dunston, of Dunston Checks In.


5 - Dodger

And wait, oh my god, Dodger in Monkey Trouble.

Image: New Line


6 - Beethoven

Image: Makeagif

Many of us also probably have memories of screaming, "Beethoven!"


7 - Andre

Image: Warner Bros.

'90s kid movie lovers will also surely remember Andre the seal, who at one point wore a Hawaiian shirt.


8 - Gordy

Image: Miramax

Gordy got a bit overshadowed by Babe, but there was always room in our hearts for more than one talking pig.


9 - D.C.

Image: Disney

D.C. (short for Darn Cat) is as troublemaking as they come, and we always loved him for it (and so did Christina Ricci).

10 - Long John, Fluffy, Featherbrain, Grubby, Stinky, and Igor

Image: Columbia

Though the point of the movie was getting these geese to fly south for the winter, we would have totally taken them in.

11 - Bingo

Image: TriStar

And a runaway circus dog who became a perfect secret pet and a life saver? We always loved Bingo.

12 - Shiloh

Image: Warner Bros.

If there were an award for the world's most adorable Beagle, Shiloh would win. Paws down.

13 - Flipper

Image: Universal

And sure Flipper stole young Elijah Wood's heart, but Flipper stole ours too.

14 - Paulie

Image: DreamWorks

Then there was the parrot Paulie who was stuck in a research center . . . which made us want to take him home even more.

15 - Free Willy

Image: Warner Bros.

And of course Free Willy, who like all wild animals in captivity deserved nothing more than to go home.