15 Movie Pets All '90s Kids Will Remember

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If you were a '90s kid, chances are you logged some important TV and movie-watching hours. If you were anything like us here at Cuteness, you also probably totally wanted to take home the pets that belonged to your favorite on-screen characters.


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Trust us, we don't blame you.

To relive those couch potato kid glory days we're strolling down memory lane with a shout out to some of our favorite fictional pets. These guys were the OGs. (And for the record we're talking IRL animals here, no cartoon canines in these parts.)


1. Air Bud

You can't tell us you didn't dream of having a golden retriever with insane athletic skills.


2. Babe

You also can't talk about pets and the '90s without paying homage to Babe the gallant pig.


3. Wishbone

Or Wishbone, the incredibly literary dog, for that matter.


4. Dunston

This one might not be front of mind, but dig deep and you will remember the orangutan Dunston, of ​Dunston Checks In.


5. Dodger

And wait, oh my god, Dodger in ​Monkey Trouble.


6. Beethoven

Many of us also probably have memories of screaming, "Beethoven!"


7. Andre

'90s kid movie lovers will also surely remember Andre the seal, who at one point wore a Hawaiian shirt.

8. Gordy

Gordy got a bit overshadowed by Babe, but there was always room in our hearts for more than one talking pig.

9. D.C.

D.C. (short for Darn Cat) is as troublemaking as they come, and we always loved him for it (and so did Christina Ricci).

10. Long John, Fluffy, Featherbrain, Grubby, Stinky, and Igor

Though the point of the movie was getting these geese to fly south for the winter, we would have totally taken them in.

11. Bingo

And a runaway circus dog who became a perfect secret pet and a life saver? We always loved Bingo.

12. Shiloh

If there were an award for the world's most adorable Beagle, Shiloh would win. Paws down.

13. Flipper

And sure Flipper stole young Elijah Wood's heart, but Flipper stole ours too.

14. Paulie

Then there was the parrot Paulie who was stuck in a research center . . . which made us want to take him home even more.

15. Free Willy

And of course Free Willy, who like all wild animals in captivity deserved nothing more than to go home.