17 Dogs Spying On You Is The Best Thing Ever

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If you're a dog owner, you're all too familiar with the following scenario.


You're puttering around the house, getting things done. Then all of a sudden you have the strange but unshakable feeling that someone is watching you. You spin around and then you see it. Your pup, crouched in an impressive hiding place, tracking your every move.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

It would be totally terrifying if it wasn't so straight-up adorable. Okay, whatever, it's like a little creepy, but it's MOSTLY adorable and it's also 100 percent hilarious.


1. Just blending in.

2. “Like, if you just hide behind a bunch of plants, and no one can see you, right?”

3. "Pay NO attention to the dog behind the giant plant."

4. “They’ll never spot me here.”

5. “Or here.”


7. Every good spy needs a stakeout buddy.

8. “Um, this is how you use camouflage, right?”

9. “Am I doing this correctly?”

10. Might as well spy and be comfy at the same time...

11. Then there’s the classic “hiding under the bed” go-to move.

12. And the slightly-less-classic “hiding on top of the bed” maneuver.

13. "Peekaboo 👀🐾"

14. Or just smoosh two pillows together, like this cutie did.

15. Curtains were basically invented to be a hiding place for dogs.

16. Check under your seat for furry spies before you sit down.

17. “Just your average, ordinary, everyday table; nothing to see here, folks!”


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