17 Animal Memes Only Lazy People Will Understand

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Whenever we scroll through our Facebook feeds and see a lazy animal meme, we're always like "GET OUT OF MY MIND, HOW DO YOU KNOW ME SO WELL?" If every time you look at a tired sloth meme, you just feel so known, the following lazy animal memes are for you. You're welcome.

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1 - We do Fridays differently.

Image: Relatably

2 - Same goes for Saturday and Sunday.

Image: Sun-gazing.com


3 - Do we work out?  Sure do.

Image: Pinterest

4 - Best marathons = Netflix marathons

Image: Instagram (@dogmemeofinsta)


5 - Alcohol is never required to slow down your motor functions.

Image: Memegen

6 - Words to live by...

Image: AnimalMemes


7 - ...unless it's food. Then you get someone else to bring it to you...


8 - ...or bring YOU to the food.

Image: Instagram (@olithefatcat)


9 - A dog after our own hearts.

Image: CrazyHyena

10 - At least you showered.

Image: KnowYourMeme


11 - And after showering...

Image: Instagram (@catmeme)

12 - You, 90 seconds into a hike:

Image: Pinterest


13 - If you're really committed to the art of laziness, you should at least have one solid pun in your arsenal of excuses.

Image: Tumblr

14 - You're working so hard at being lazy, someone should give you an award. That said...

Image: Pinterest


15 - Only your loved ones know the real you...

Image: Instagram (@themoomie)

16 ...and your "loved ones" include your couch.

17 - And when you start to feel a little bad about being lazy, just remember that there's always someone lazier than you.

Image: OnSizzle