14 Dogs Losing Their Freaking Minds Over Leaf Piles

If raking those leaves becomes a chore, then channel the joy of autumn with these very happy dogs!


1. Ultra Excited Dog

This little fluffball has been waiting ALL YEAR for this moment.

Credit: Imgur

2.  Groundhog Dog

3. Eau d’Automne Dog

And this dog wants that same smell ALL OVER HIM RIGHT NOW.

4. Can’t Get Enough Dog

While this dog may actually have succeeded in overdosing on it. Go easy, friend.

dogs delighted by leaf piles

5. Raking? What Raking? Dog

He's just so happy and grateful you took the trouble to make him this amazing pile to play in. Now he will helpfully re-scatter it all over the yard. Good boy!


6. Popping Wheelies Dog

Her own personal set of wheels helps this excited doggo enjoy autumn to the fullest!

Credit: Iamqueenfly / Tumblr

7. Flying Leap Dog


8. Lounging Dog

This dog is inviting you to come share this delightful crackly soft bed she's found.

Credit: samanthasays / Tumblr

9. Treasure Hunting Dog

Hidden deep within this leaf pile is a precious tennis ball, and this dedicated retriever will unearth it no matter what! … Again. And again. And again.


10. Rescue Dog

This loyal boxer isn't so sure about the leaf pile, but when his human jumps in first, well…

11. Autumn Beauty Dog

You know this corgi's mentally planning her autumn-inspired makeup tutorial.

Source: corgis-everywhere/Tumblr

12. Hide-and-Seek Dog

"They'll never find me here!"

Credit: seekingthesouth/Tumblr

13. Little Pup

So teeny! … Or are they just very big leaves?

Credit: MrFunnyMals / Imgur

14. Leaf Huffing Dog

You know that amazing woodsy scent of freshly raked dried leaves? Well, that smell is this doggie's anti-drug. (Mine too, pup. Mine too.)