17 Pets Who Are So Over It

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If you've ever had a bad day (not even like November 9, 2016 bad, just regular bad) and felt 100 percent over everything on the planet, then you know exactly how these pets feel. Because they. Are. Done.

1. This cat who is not interested in taking his medicine.

Credit: VetDepot / Tumblr

2. This cat who really doesn’t care if you’re judging her, she just likes sitting in underwear, okay?

Credit: Imvo23 / Reddit

3. This dog who spent a really productive day putting everything he could find in the toilet, just because.

Credit: Daily Haha

4. This dog who thought she wanted to play catch and then decided halfway through that it was actually a hard pass on the game.

Credit: Giphy

5. This cat who cares exactly this much about your morning coffee needs.

Credit: Wanna Joke

6. This very cultured dog who hates his roommates *so* much.

Credit: Fun1k / Reddit

7. This cat who is MOST unimpressed by Ariana Grande.

Credit: Giphy

8. This cat who has no empathy for your bad choices.

Credit: Memes.com

9.  The cat who would rather be a towel than a cat.

Credit: Pinterest

10. This cat who would rather lie face down on a couch all day than face any of your nonsense.

Credit: Pinterest

11. This cat who doesn’t give AF about five puppies crawling all over her.

Credit: Red Ruby Shine / Tumblr

12. This cat who found his new favorite chair and doesn’t care if you don’t like it.

Credit: Pinterst

13. This dog who could not be more apathetic about playing fetch.

Credit: Wiffle Gif

14. This dog who truly can’t even.

Credit: Memes.com

15. This dog and this cat, TBH.

Credit: Monster GIF

16. These dogs dressed as pandas who are dying on the inside.

Credit: Wiffle Gif

17. This cat who is over everything forever.

Credit: Giphy