20 Super DIY-able Costumes For Cats


You can make them yourself! And for the .05 seconds that your cat will deign to wear them, it will be awesome.

1. Pikachu Cat


Credit: @Mey Lin/Youtube

Or just about any other Pokémon you like, really! This demo of how to make a hoodie for your cat is endlessly adaptable.

2. Minion Cat


Even though you and your cat both know that there's only one minion in this relationship, and it's definitely you. Tutorial video here.

3. Pumpkin Cat


If you're handy with a crochet needle, it's hard to get more classic than this adorable pumpkin bonnet. Get the pattern here.

4. Raggedy Ann Cat


This wig is available for sale from Etsy, or get inspired by the creator's brilliance to attempt your own cat wig. Rapunzel, maybe?

5. Hipster Cat


Credit: hercampus.com

This hat used to belong to an organic baby. And your cat's been wearing these glasses for, like, years.

6. Cheezburger Cat


For sheer coziness, this one is hard to beat. No tutorial, but a clever crafter can probably DIY this pretty easily.

7. Nick Fury


Credit: Pinterest

Or rather, Nick Furry. Or Purry? Your choice. Either way, it's a Marvelous costume. (Heh.)

8. Catbus


Credit: sweetipomoea

From My Neighbor Totoro! Brilliantly replicated in felt by this DIYer, who took enough process photos for it to basically be a tutorial.

9. Unicorn Cat


Paper + sparkly string = your own live-in magical beast.

10. Mario Cat


Yes, the kitten's natural facial hair is helping give this costume realism, but the hat is totally DIYable.

11. Princess Cat


Can you ever go wrong with some tulle and a tiara?

12. Chef Cat


This cat is ready to whip up the most gourmet batch of Halloween treats ever. Tutorial available here.

13. Batcat


Get all your Halloween bases covered when you put batwings on your cat. Tutorial available here.

14. Sophisticat


Enough with your casual Halloween cats. Snip the collar off a kid's button-down shirt, and all your cat needs is a LinkedIn profile.

15. Hero cat


A superhero "costume" that's super easy. Pick your favorite superhero, put their logo on a bandana, and tie it around the cat. Endlessly variable.

16. Nyan Cat


Yes, it's no longer 2011. Yes, this is still cute.

17. Battle Cat


Credit: Instructables

Free 3D printable armor for your cat! Do you even need Halloween as an excuse?? Get the files here.

18. Mercat


Credit: @dragonswing/KnittingParadise.com

Free knitting pattern to make your cat a cozy fishtail!

19. Peacat


As if your proud kitty wasn't "cocky" enough. Tutorial here.

20. Catfish


Purrfect for cats who act a little koi (hardy har!). Check out the instructions.

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