7 Totally Amazing Dog Houses

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Whether or not your pet pooch spends 90% of his time glued to your hip, laying on your feet, or attempting to be so close to you he's practically sharing your skin, there are probably the rare occasions that he wants a little alone time. These majestic, creative, and downright amazing doghouses might do the trick--although some of them are costly enough to leave you living in a cardboard box. Who cares, though, so long as your pup is happy!


1 - Impress On Your Next Puppy Playdate with a Replica of the Taj Mahal

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Image: Rockstar Puppy

No building is too grand to make in miniature for your favorite four-legged friend. When your dog is more amazing than any of the seven wonders of the world, and you have a piddly $40,000 just lying around, this doghouse might just be enough.

2 - Go "Bow-haus" Modern


Image: If It's Hip It's Here


For fans of the ultra-modern Bauhaus style of architecture, this creative canine abode made by German Company Best Friend's Home will fit the bill. Sleek, classy, and offering plenty of natural light, the luxurious Cubix dog house comes in three sizes.

3 - Improve Your Yard with a Modern and Minimalist Open Concept Doghouse


Image: Puphaus



If you love the modern look, but your dog is a little more down to earth, consider the Puphaus made by Pyramd Design Co. This house has been engineered for maximum airflow and from all natural materials--it's almost like sleeping outside, but way more stylish.

4 - Mix It Up with a California Hacienda Style Dog Mansion


Image: petfans.com


Every puppy deserves the best, and this hound Hacienda designed for supermodel Rachel Hunter's coddled canines even has running water, electricity, air-conditioning and dog-themed artwork. Dude, for the $30,000 this dog house costs, I'd move in too.

5 - Grow Greenery and Provide Your Pet with Shade

Image: dog-milk.com

Sometimes simplicity is best, and the clean lines and environmentally friendly concept of this doghouse will give your pet her own shady space to curl up, while simultaneously livening up your house with plants. Consider planting some peace lily or snake plant to improve the air quality for both you and your dog.


6 - Give Your Doggy Lifeguard the Feel of the Beach

Image: Etsy

Those of us with rescues know that our furry friends saved us as much as we saved them. Show your love and appreciation with a life guard tower doghouse, so realistic your pup will feel the ocean breeze in their fur and sand beneath their paws.

7 - Provide a Tranquil Woodsy Cabin for the Four Legged

Image: flatfair.com

When the rush of it all seems just a little too much for man's best friend, this log cabin-esque doghouse is the solution.


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