8 Super Tough Toys For Dogs Who Destroy Everything

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Whether or not we want to admit it, we buy our dogs toys for one main reason: so our dogs can tear their toys to complete and total shreds. Although our dogs' destructive tendencies are part of who they are, it doesn't mean you have to shell out your hard-earned dough for new toys every week. Check out our picks of some of the most indestructible dog toys on the market.


1. Fluff & Tuff Plush Toys

Sure, there are plenty of rubber or hard material toys that can keep your dog going for a while, but what about plush toys? You might think, "Nah, my dog goes through every plush toy in about 5 minutes." While Fluff & Tuff toys won't last forever, they will last much longer. Plus, with designs this cute they're hard to pass up.

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2. Kong Extreme Indestructible Dog Toys

These rubber based toys, by Kong, are great because they do double duty: their hollow core can hold treats. Want to keep your dog busy for a while? Fill the open cavity of the Kong toy with peanut butter and then freeze- give it to your dog the next time he needs a distraction.


3. Outward Hound Fire Hose Indestructible Dog Toys

When your dog plays, she's on fire so it's only fitting that she'd get firemen involved. Well, okay, maybe not real firemen, but at least their tools. This fun toy is great for playing fetch or tug. It's durability is from the double stitching used on the firehose material. Plus, this toy floats--perfect for bringing it to the local dog beach.


4. Megalast Gummi Bear Indestructible Dog Toys

It's an eternal battle to find the right mix between durable and cute when it comes to dog toys. For this Gummi Bear toy, made by the JW company, pairs a seriously cute creature with the durability your dog needs.



5. GoDog Plush Toys with Chew Guard Technology

Another option for the dog who loves plush toys are these adorable toys, featuring animal characters like chickens, dragons, and dinosaurs--just to name a few. Although these plush toys won't last as long as hard rubber or denser material toys, they will definitely ensure your dog a seriously fun time.


6. Tuffy Indestructible Dog Toys

These toys definitely look like they're long lasting--you can see it right away. Tuffy's website states that their toys are stronger than others due to their, "...durable material and seven layers of stitching." Not to mention their adorable toys each have 4 tough layers.


7 - Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Ball

Does it seem like your dog always destroys his or her tennis balls? Well, this is the toy for you. These balls are firm and made of a long-lasting material, yet still have a little bit of give to provide your dog with a rewarding sensation. With a few color options and size choices, you can get one that matches your dog's personality.


8. GoughNuts — MAXX Indestructible chew ring 50+

A dog toy that is guaranteed by the manufacturer is something unheard of in the pet product industry. That's where GoughNuts is different. This power-house of a chew toy is made of ultra strong rubber and contains a "chew safety indicator". It's a red rubber ring in the middle of the toy that provides clear visual feedback to the pet parent that the toy's integrity has been compromised and the toy should be taken away. Simply return the damaged toy to the manufacturer and they'll replace it with a new toy.


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