9 Animal Toys Every '90s Kid Had to Have

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From electronic pets to pastel-colored ponies, being a kid in the '90s was all about animals. Forget the baby dolls. Here are 9 toys every '90s kid wanted more than slap bracelets and spiral shoelaces.


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1. Tamagotchi

Image: Life! Death! Prizes!


Taking care of your new electronic pet quickly became your number one priority. Until your teacher found out what all the girls were doing under their desks and demanded your pets be left at home. Then it was all up to mom to feed it and delete the poops while you were at school. She won't admit it, but she loved it too.


2. Doodle Bear

Image: Toys R Us


Ah, the original DIY body art toy. Give your bear a half sleeve or a cool neck tattoo. Then get mom to toss it in the washer and keep your fingers crossed that the marker doesn't bleed on the rest of the load.

3. Puppy Surprise

Image: Toy Wiz


Ripping into the box and digging around in your puppy's belly to find her adorable plush babies was the most exciting day of the year. How many puppies would you get? We were all hoping for the infamous 5 puppy package but usually weren't that lucky.

4. Furby

Image: She


Don't bother trying to figure out exactly which animal this toy is based on because it's pointless. Whatever it is, this furry pet was at the top of every tweens Christmas list. And it was all good fun until it started talking to you in their weird language (Furbish) and you couldn't figure out how to teach it English.


5. Beanie Babies

Image: eBay


This is the only toy where you knew not to instantly rip the tag off once you got it home. You meticulously clipped those plastic protectors on the tags, being extra careful not to leave any creases. These things are going to be worth money someday. Yeah, a whole $12.50.

6. Littlest Pet Shop

Image: eBay

If only a bunch of real-life pups were as easy to take care of as your epic collection of cute plastic ones.

7. Animagic Walking Dog

Image: eBay

If you were a young girl in the '90s and asked your parents for a new dog, chances are this is what you got. Sure, it wasn't like the real thing but it didn't eat your shoes or bark all night either.

8. My Little Pony

Image: Play Buzz

From the TV show to the toys to the matching backpack and lunch box you just had to have, My Little Pony was everywhere. And with good reason too! What kid wouldn't want a sparkly purple pony with flowing rainbow hair?

9. Anything Lisa Frank

Image: Foundations

Ok — so technically this isn't a toy, but anyone who was anyone had at least 3 Lisa Frank folders, one of those fuzzy posters and a pack of foil dolphin stickers. But we didn't actually stick those stickers on anything. We just traded them like the official currency of the 4th grade.


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