9 Cute Puppies Who Can't Puppy Right Now

These plucky puppies are ready to face off against the world. Unfortunately, the world has something else in mind. Watch and enjoy as they take on life’s everyday challenges and proceed to fail adorably.


1 - Puppy vs. Stairs: Round 1


Image: YouTube

Steps can be intimidating when you’re this small. That’s why this puppy took the road less traveled.

2 - Puppy vs. Ramp

Puppy can't get up a ramp - Imgur.gif

Image: Imgur

“Is it just me, or does the ground seem steeper here?”

3 - Puppy vs. Swimming Pool


Image: Giphy

Party foul! But seriously, that pool came out of nowhere.

4 - Puppy vs. Gravity: Round One

giphy (1).gif

Image: Giphy

You know those dreams where you’re falling, and you wake up right before you hit the ground? This dog is basically having the opposite experience.

5 - Puppy vs. Gravity: Round Two


Image: YouTube

This puppy couldn’t quite stick the landing. Or the jumping.

6 - Puppy vs. Slide

jZYejb5 - Imgur-iloveimg-compressed.gif

Image: Imgur

This golden retriever gets by with a little help from his friends.

7 - Puppy vs. Tennis Ball

Girlfriend and I got a new puppy who hasn't quite got the hang of catching just yet.. - Imgur.gif

Image: Imgur

“Wait, wait! I wasn’t ready!”

8 - Puppy vs. Soccer Ball


Image: Imgur

This puppy should probably give it another year before trying out for the soccer team

9 - Puppy vs. Newspaper

xWGcAyt - Imgur.gif

Image: Youtube

This lab will stop at nothing to bring her people their Sunday paper, even though it’s as big as she is. Puppy fail? Or puppy win?