9 Toys and Treats For The Cat That Hates Everything

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One of the most frustrating thing for owners of finicky cats is spending hours trying to figure out what your cat will like, only to have him or her completely avoid your new gift and hang out in the box you brought it home in instead. It's obviously time to start thinking outside the box—quite literally! Don't worry, though. Cuteness is here to help you find the right toy or treat for your cat's specific tastes and needs. Although not all of these products are guaranteed to be a big hit with your picky kitty, one or two (hopefully more!) may just prove to be the purrfect match.


1 - Da Bird by Go Cat

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Image: Go-Cat.com


Go Cat's Da Bird cat toy is a fan favorite--and for good reason. Both picky and non-picky cats alike enjoy the thrill of seeing the "bird" flying through the air. It's actually so popular, that some recommend locking up the toy in between uses so your cat won't tear it to shreds.


Purrfect match for cats that like bird watching.

2 -  Japanese Matatabi/Silvervine CatNip

Video by YouTube user mugumogu


Have you ever wondered why your cat just doesn't go crazy for catnip like most cats? Well, maybe it's not your cat who is to blame, maybe it's your catnip. If your cat just can't go crazy for traditional catnip, give Matatabi/Silvervine catnip a try. One study found that cats who played with Matatabi/Silvervine catnip played 2.5 times longer than cats with traditional catnip, and 3 out of 4 cats preferred the Matatabi/Silvervine catnip.


Purrfect match for cats that don't like typical or normal catnip.

3 - DIY Catnip Mice

These small, felt or fabric mice are found everywhere, and for good reason. Even at gas stations, you can now find these classic cat toys. The best part about these toys? They're cheap so you can give them to your cat all year long. Just don't be surprised when you move and find 30 of them under your couch. But instead of buying them next time, try making them! These easy toys will soon become your go to gift for when your friends adopt a new cat or kitten.


Purrfect match for cats that like to try watch, or try to catch, small animals like lizards.

4 - Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Image: BerganPet.com When it comes to playing, some cats love to use their paws. For these cats, this 2 in 1 toy will be a surefire hit. Not only does it feature a central place for your cat to scratch, it also gives them a toy they can bat around for hours.



Purrfect match for a cat that loves to use their paws

5 - SmartyKat Collapsible Tunnel

Video by YouTube user Floppycats


While some cats are big fans of being the center of attention, others prefer to have a good amount of alone time. For these special felines, you might want to get them a place to hide. It might seem strange, but your cat might be more willing to play in his or her hideout than when he or she is out in the open.

Purrfect match for the cat that likes to hideout.

6 - Tower Of Tracks by Petstages

Image: Petstages.com

Let's face it: some cats are adrenaline junkies. Much like how your friend has gone on his 5th skydiving adventure this year, your kitty friends can also be fans of maxing out on fun every time. This toy will definitely provide that, with three balls moving at the same time, it'll be a fun challenge for your feline to try to catch them all.

Purrfect match for a cat that needs a challenge.

7 - Bonito Flakes by Cat-Man-Doo

Image: CatManDoo.com


If your cat is the definition of a picky eater, why not give them some of the best cat treats out there? With only one ingredient, you might be skeptical that your cat will enjoy these flakes, but after realizing that the one ingredient is high-end Bonito fish, you'll just change your mind.

Purrfect match for picky eaters.

8 -  Kitty Sill - Double Stack EZ Window Mount™

Image: khmfg.com

Does your house cat just seem a little bored? Sometimes opening up a view into the outside word is the best entertainment you can give your kitty and these cat windows are sure to do so. Now your cat can enjoy the great outdoors just the same way we often enjoy nature, staring at it from the comfort of our own homes.

Purrfect match for bored housecats.

9 - Purrfect Arch Cat Self Groomer

Image: AsSeenOnTv.com

So you've tried all the different types of toys that are made for cats and your cat just still isn't biting. That's okay, your cat probably just wants to find ways to enjoy his time all by himself. This cat "massager" is much more like a scratcher, meaning your kitty can brush up against the firm yet malleable fibers in order to get to all those spots you just can't scratch.

Purrfect match for the cat that loves scratches on his or her face, neck, and chin.


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