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A Jug puppy is not a purebred dog, but a hybrid of a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug. A relatively young mix, the Jug puppy can inherit any number of characteristics from the Jack Russell or the Pug. As with any breed of puppy, the Jug should be well socialized, trained and loved in order for it to grow into a confident, friendly and well-behaved adult.


The Jug is a recent addition to the growing list of "designer dogs". Jugs are bred from purebred Jack Russells and purebred Pugs. The Jack Russell is a small game hunting dog originally bred in the mid 19th century. They were used for hunting Red Fox and were known for their ability to dig into foxes' dens, exposing them for the hunters. The Pug is a short muzzled, thickset dog with a curly tail, originally bred around 400 B.C. in Asia. The Pug is not a hunter, but a companion dog.



Since it is not possible to breed a hybrid that has 50 percent of each purebred breed in its genes, the Jug could have any number of features or characteristics from the Jack Russell or Pug. Some Jugs might have a Pug's face with a Jack Russell's ears, and others might have a terrier's face with a Pug's body or coloring. Until the Jug puppy is older, it will not be possible to tell which characteristics and features the puppy will have from each breed.



The size your puppy will become at adulthood depends on the makeup of each breed in its genes. A full grown Jack Russell typically weight between 14 and 18 pounds, and a full grown Pug weighs approximately 13 to 20 pounds. Pugs are prone to obesity as they have the tendency to eat more than they should, so your Jug puppy could easily grow to be heavier than 20 pounds if it eats too much and does not receive sufficient exercise.

Health Problems

While mixed breeds of dogs are less likely to have genetic health problems than hybrids, a Jug could end up with any mixture of genetic defects from the Jack Russell or Pug. Pugs are prone to allergies, breathing problems, skin problems, inflammation of the brain, inflamed corneas and weeping eyes. Jack Russells are prone to eye diseases, deafness, disease of the hip joints and dislocated knee caps.



People often pay more for hybrid dogs, believing them to be "designer dogs". Mixed breed dogs are mutts, not purebreds, and the Jug is not a dog breed registered with the American Kennel Club. Irresponsible breeders often take advantage of people who think that designer dogs are worth as much as, or more than, purebred puppies.

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