Animal Memes That Perfectly Describe Your Sad, Single Life

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We totally understand that some people are single by choice (and more power to those people!) while others...well...aren't exactly loving all the alone time. If you fit into category two, these animal memes are for you — so turn up the sad songs and read on.

1. When you were newly single, your prospects seemed pretty good.

Credit: @.shy.guy./ Instagram

2. Until you realized they weren't.

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3. And every day feels like that opening scene from Bridget Jones’s Diary.




4. Because your first few dates reminds you that dating actually sucks.

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5. And 9 times out of 10 someone’s going to cancel on you.

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6. Which makes you think, "maybe I'm coming off as a little bit needy?"

Credit: GifPet

7. But it's just because even a little bit of contact would feel really good right about now.

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8. What's worse, everyone else seems to be pairing up but you.

9. And your favorite hobby becomes self-pity.

Credit: Relatably


10. Even so, you can’t help but get all excited about any prospects of romance.

Credit: ICanHasCheezburger

9. Sometimes a little TOO excited, so your squad has to step in.

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10. So you try to be all zen about it. You can wait for the right one.

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11. And before long, you start to realize you are totally okay being single because who needs an S.O. when you have REALLY comfy furniture?

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12. In fact, you may even be getting a little TOO used to being alone.

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13. And you gotta admit, that there are times you actually like having no strings attached to you. And those times are the actual BEST.

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