APR Vs. AKC Registration

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Because pure-blooded breeding is very important when it comes to dogs, breeders and those concerned with dogs have created kennel clubs and registries. These clubs maintain records of dogs of pure blood, run events and offer registrations for dogs who qualify. The AKC and APR are two very different types of organizations.

AKC Facts

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the oldest kennel club in the United States. It was established in 1884 by members of the Philadelphia Kennel Club, who recognized the need for national breed standards and registrations. The AKC registers around 140 breeds and holds national events for AKC-registered dogs.


APR Facts

The APR, or American Purebred Association, also registers purebred dogs. It is newer and less established than the AKC, with a history that reaches only to 1979. The APR does not require proof of any other registration, or parent registration, for its dogs. Instead, it begins a "new" registration and pedigree for dogs that qualify. This makes an APR registration far different than an AKC registration.

AKC Registration


Registration for the AKC is restricted to dogs that are pure-blooded, and born of parents that are pure-blooded and AKC registered. An AKC registration is considered to be a mark of establishment, and is often advertised for breeding dogs. Litters of puppies are generally registered with the AKC at birth if they qualify for this very exclusive club.

APR Registration

To register with the APR, the owner of a dog or cat must know that her animal is purebred. Papers are not necessary, as the APR has been set up specifically to register dogs whose papers have been lost. Dogs are judged based on pictures, to decide whether they satisfy the breed standard. If they do, they are issued a registration certificate and considered to be
registered dogs. The APR does not put on any events, as the AKC does.


Other Kennel Clubs

The CKC, or Continental Kennel Club, is another relatively new club, since 1991, for registering dogs. The CKC is less strict than the AKC, but stricter than the APR. The CKC does accept dogs whose parents are unregistered, but does not run events or workshops. Because it is younger, the CKC is not as well established and has yet to gain a firm following or reputation.

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