Baby Pandas Fight With Everything And It's All Adorable

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"Everything's a battle when you're a baby panda." This is the conclusion I've come to in my exhaustive and highly scientific review of basically every baby panda video on the internet. A collection of some of my favorite fights follows. Spoiler: the pandas mostly lose.


---1 - Baby Panda vs. Rocking Horse

A pretty clear win for the rocking horse here, I think. The attempt to chew it into submission was clever, but ultimately futile. Sorry, baby panda.

2 - Baby Panda vs. Bedtime, Part 1

This fuzzy insomniac is roaming the halls, certain there's a party happening somewhere. Mom comes in at the end and forces a draw.

3 - Baby Panda vs. Bedtime, Part 2

Okay, now Mom just wants to sleep.


4 - Baby Panda vs. Crib

I am just endlessly impressed by this one's determination. NO BARS WILL HOLD HER BACK.

5 - Baby Pandas vs Slide

Gravity is rough, guys. No one will deny that. But, like, maybe try going down feet first next time?

6 - Baby Pandas vs. Each Other, Part 1

The two on the left are duking it out in a King of the Hill-style battle for their caretaker's lap. Leftmost one seems to be the clear winner here. (Also, hands up everyone who wants to be that zookeeper right now.)


7 - Baby Pandas vs. Each Other, Part 2

Things get brutal fast when there aren't enough milk bottles to go around at snack time.

8 - Baby Pandas vs. Each Other Part 3

Okay, these two are actually getting some moves! Keep training, little bears. One day you may both be champions.

9 - Baby Panda vs. Soccer Ball

This panda's main combat strategy seems to be "Idk, I will try to fall on it some more?"


10 - Baby Pandas vs. Zookeeper vs. Piles of Leaves

A recent viral hit, this video was an instant classic in the baby panda genre. Although I went in a Baby Panda fan, I came out kinda rooting for Team Zookeeper. She is clearly the underdog here. (Poor thing deserves a raise.)

11 - Baby Pandas vs. EVERYTHING

These panda babies… I don't even know. Let's just say, If something can be run into, fallen off of, tripped over, or generally failed at, these little bears will manage it somehow. And I suppose there's a kind of success in that. But still, maybe hold off on enrolling them in kung fu just yet?