Can Dogs Spread Parvovirus to Humans?

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The canine parvovirus is a highly contagious and potentially deadly disease that wreaks havoc on a dog's intestinal tract. While some diseases are capable of crossing over from one species to another and causing infection, the parvovirus is not one of them. A human variant of the parvovirus does exist but its transmission is only possible from one human to another just like the canine parvovirus is only transmittable between animals in the canine family.

Human Role in Spreading the Canine Parvovirus

Although humans cannot catch the parvovirus from dogs, they can and often do play a major role in spreading the disease in the dog population. The canine parvovirus is an extremely hardy disease that can live in a dormant but infectious state in the environment for one year or longer. When people handle dogs that may be infected with the parvovirus at shelters, kennels, animal clinics or dog parks and then pet another dog before thoroughly washing their hands, they unwittingly infect otherwise healthy dogs with the virus particles that they carried over from the infected dog.


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