Can Pavement Wear Down A Dog's Nails?

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Jogging with your dog is fantastic exercise for you both, but be careful with city pups whose paws are constantly in contact with pavement. Though running, walking and playing on pavement and rough surfaces can wear your buddy's nails down naturally, it can also cause painful injury.


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Most dogs have a naturally high pain tolerance and may not let you know when something is amiss. Rough surfaces, such as pavement, can grind his nails down too far and expose the quick -- a bundle of nerves and blood vessels running down his nail. When the quick is exposed, each step is like rubbing sandpaper on a nerve ending, ouch. Check his pads and nails after walking or running on pavement, especially in warm weather, and consult your veterinarian if you notice any peeling, sores, bleeding or cracked, broken nails. He may require antibiotic ointment, booties and a prescription for taking it easy on soft surfaces until his nails heal.


By Christina Stephens

St. Bernard's Animal Medical Center: The Quick and the Dead: Nail Trims

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