Cats Smooshed On Glass Tables Will Bring You Instant Happiness

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Just when you thought you had seen every conceivable funny cat thing on the internet, along comes quite possibly the funniest internet cat thing yet: Cats laying flat on glass tabletops.

1. Get out of town with that heart-shaped paw smoosh, squishy kitty. GET OUT OF TOWN.

2. Yes, these cats who think they are taking a totally normal and boring nap.

3. They have no idea that they are exposing their delicious squishiness for all the world to see.

4. Like, we didn’t think kitty paws and cat tummies could get any cuter. Like, paws and tummies? Come on!

5. And here they are, having reached maximum cuteness through the sheer power of squish.

6. Why is this so funny? Why? Why? Is it because these cats are completely unsuspecting?

7. Like this one above thinks he is basically The Great Sphinx of Giza — because he is, from above.

8. He just has no idea that down below he is ALL SQUISH.

9. This is not even a cat. This is just an area rug. Come ON.

10. Okay, well this little smooshball above clearly has an idea that something is afoot.

11. Their paws! All swallowed up by the tummy!

12. So next time your coworker is talking about their fancy trip to Hawaii where they got to see all the tropical fishies from a glass-bottomed boat, don’t get jels.

13. Just smile secretly to yourself because you have seen the greatest glass-bottomed animal entertainment around — GLASS BOTTOMED CATS!!!

14. Never change, internet kitties. Never change.


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