11 Cats So Pregnant You Just Can't Look Away

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1. What the — how many cats can you even fit in there?

Credit: @yaboybillnye/Twitter

2. "What is it you are looking at, exactly?"

Credit: @lykoicats/Instagram

3. Oh my.

Credit: @simon_kennedy/Instagram

4. "You try carrying around quintuplets and then let's see how you feel about it."

Credit: @whitecoffin_/Instagram

5. Pregnant kitty belly = human hand magnet. MUST GENTLY TOUCH IT.

Credit: @jesse.gee.grace/Instagram

6. Holy...this cat momma's got SIX (SIX!!!) little ones coming her way.

Credit: Imgur

7. "Please don't put this on Facebook."

Credit: @tanya.a.s/Instagram

8. "Why yes, I AM glowing thankyouverymuch."

Credit: @threekittiesandahusky/Instagram

9. "Arg...errrr...just need to lick this...one..."

Credit: @siskacikaa/Instagram

10. This cat mum is hella ready to get this over with.



11. "Hee-hee, hooooo. Hee-hee hooooooooo."

Credit: @shinichi_kr/Instagram