Could Your Carpet Be Making Your Dog Itchy?

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Allergens and fleas can hide in your carpet, which can make your dog scratch. Oatmeal baths can help aid the itch, but if you don't take care of the allergen, your dog will keep scratching. The excessive scratching can lead to secondary infections, so you want to try to diagnose and treat the cause of the itch before it gets too bad.

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Carpet fibers trap allergens such as dust, dirt, mold, bacteria and pollen, keeping some allergens out of the air but holding the allergens where your dog spends most of his day. While lounging and playing around on the carpet, your dog is exposed to the allergens trapped in the carpet fibers, making his skin dry and itchy. You can reduce the allergens in your carpet by regularly cleaning it. Vacuum the loose allergens daily, and use a carpet cleaner to sterilize and deodorize your carpet at least twice a month.


Fleas and Parasites

Carpet makes fleas, mites and other parasites more difficult to see, and it creates a great place for them to hide out and populate. While your dog sleeps, plays and enjoys his chew treats on the carpet, fleas and bugs could be infesting him, causing a reaction and itchy skin. You want to treat your dog and your carpet at the same time. Sprinkling salt on your carpet will kill flea eggs; vacuum the salt after 24 hours. Steam clean your carpet with a little borax; the water will drown adults and the borax will kill the juveniles before they mature.


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