Dogs With Wrinkled Faces

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Think you can name all of the wrinkly dog breeds on our list? Love the look of wrinkly-faced pups and want to know which breeds have this adorable physical trait? If either apply, then read on!

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Pugs originated in China some time before 400 BC, making them one of the older breeds. This small, stocky breed weighs between 14 and 18 pounds. Pugs adapt well to apartment living, as they require minimal exercise. Pug faces have deep-set wrinkles including little nose rolls and a "v" shape on their foreheads.


Chinese Shar-Pei

Another Chinese dog, the Shar-Pei, was originally bred as a multipurpose farm dog. These medium-large sized (45 to 60 pounds) beauties are devoted to their owners, but also can be quite stubborn. Daily exercise is required to keep them happy, healthy and obedient. Shar-Peis sport deep wrinkles not only on their faces, but all over their bodies.

Bulldog Breeds

Bulldogs are a quintessential wrinkly pooch. Weighing in at 40 to 60 pounds, their popularity stems from their low-maintenance nature; bulldogs are gentle and require minimal exercise. The AKC ranks bulldogs first in popularity among wrinkly breeds, and sixth overall.


Mastiff Breeds

The French and English mastiff breeds are massive; a full-grown adult male can easily weigh 150 pounds! These are generally peaceful, loyal dogs, but because of their size and strength, the AKC does not recommend them for first-time dog owners or those with small children. If you're considering a mastiff, be sure your walls are prepared; these wrinkly giants can produce buckets of drool.


Bloodhounds are one of the oldest working breeds. These tireless working dogs are extremely affectionate, yet strong-willed. Don't let them use their saggy, puppy dog eyes to get their way; bloodhounds require kind, yet authoritative owners.



Boxers are a powerful, affectionate and intelligent breed. They love people, and are fiercely loyal; they often work as seeing-eye dogs. Though they may not have as many face wrinkles as a Shar-Pei, their faces still sport that sweet, "squishy" look.

French Bulldog

French bulldogs, or "Frenchies" as breed enthusiasts often call them, are small dogs with wrinkled faces and bat-like ears. They closely resemble their larger cousin, the bulldog, with their stocky, strong bodies. Frenchies are a great choice for apartment dwellers as they weigh less than 28 pounds and require minimal exercise.


These pampered pups were bred to keep company with Chinese royalty during the Tang Dynasty in the 8th century. In fact, these proud pooches often act as if they, themselves, were royalty! Apart from their intense loyalty to their masters, they were (and still are) prized for their flat muzzles and wrinkly faces and bodies.

By Christina Stephens



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