Facts About Goldendoodles

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"Goldendoodles" are the result of the intentional breeding of poodles with golden retrievers (during the late 90s), hence the mixed breed's portmanteau name. Goldendoodles blend elements from both breeds in their heritage, including physical and behavioral traits.


The smallest goldendoodles or "petites" usually weigh no more than 25 pounds, with a height of no more than 14 inches. Miniature goldendoodles run 14 to 17 inches tall, with weights between 26 and 35 pounds. Medium goldendoodles can be 17 to 21 inches tall and weigh from 36 to 50 pounds. The biggest varieties, standards, stand more than 21 inches tall and weigh a minimum of 51 pounds. The weight and stature of a goldendoodle's parents has a lot to do with his fully mature size.



These furry cuties appear in a wide range of colors, including white, pale cream, red, golden, black, off-white and silver. As far as fur texture goes, goldendoodles run the gamut. Some of them have lightly curled fur, while others have straight fur that is notably thick. Some of them even have elements of both hair types in their coats.

Activity level

Goldendoodles are relatively sporty canines with mid-level daily physical fitness needs. They often flourish on roughly half an hour of exercise each day -- think a brisk outdoor walks or perhaps even peppy backyard play sessions.



As far as temperament goes, these doggies are thought to have empathy for people who require a helping hand -- or perhaps helping paws. They are also often gentle, affectionate and intensely connected and loyal to the people in their lives, as well as smart and clever. With the right socialization, they are also usually wonderful companions to children. They generally adore people and crave regular human interplay.



Poodles barely shed, and as descendants of the breed, goldendoodles also are typically minimal in that department. Because of that, these pooches are often considered to be easy on many people who experience uncomfortable and frustrating pet allergies. Note, though, that if any creature has fur, he's capable of bringing upon allergic symptoms.


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