How to Clean Dog Urine Off of Leather

Your leather chair might have been expensive but it is actually a lot more resistant to spillages than other materials. If your dog has somehow managed to have an accident on the chair -- and these things do happen, especially with puppies and elderly dogs -- cleaning up the mess and dealing with the smell shouldn't be a major problem. You are also unlikely to get a stain of any description, at least not from the urine. The cleaning products can actually cause more problems than the pee, so choose mild ones.


Items You Will Need:

• Paper towels
• White vinegar or dishwashing liquid
• Bucket
• Sponge
• Leather conditioner
• Blanket
• Plastic sofa covers

Step 1 - Mop up the urine with paper towels, if it's still wet.

Step 2 - Add several cups of white vinegar or a few squirts of dishwashing liquid to a bucket of warm water. Don't use extremely hot water as this might warp the leather.

Step 3 - Dampen the sponge with the vinegar solution and wipe the urine spot.

Step 4 - Squeeze the sponge out in the bucket and repeat several times. Use a fresh bucket of water and vinegar if there was a lot of urine. Once you are confident you've removed all the urine, squeeze out the sponge once more and wipe the entire visible part of the chair. This is to ensure that any slight colour change caused by the water, which is unlikely but possible, affects the whole chair, not just one spot.

Step 5 - Dry the chair as best you can with more paper towels.

Step 6 - Wait for several hours or until the next day, to ensure that the chair is completely dry, and use a leather-conditioning solution as per the instructions.

Step 7 - Place a heavy, large towel or two over the spot, if this is where your dog naps and if she is slightly incontinent. This means that if she has another accident, you only have to wash the towels.

By Judith Willson

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