How to Keep Dogs Entertained When Alone

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When you're away, your buddy wants to play! In the busy, bustling world, it's next to impossible to be with your sweet pal at all times. With errands to run and work to do, he will have to be on his own from time to time and it may even be part of his daily routine. Alone time doesn't have to be miserable. Make his "me time" as enjoyable as possible until you can return home.


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Keep Him Busy

Stuff a food puzzle toy with various treats for your buddy. There are many various puzzle toys on the market designed especially for furry friends. These toys can keep dogs entertained for quite a while and, in the end, they get a tasty reward for all that hard work. Treats to put inside the toy can include peanut butter, carrot sticks and commercial dog treats. As always, keep water available for your dog.

Warning: Avoid leaving stuffed toys with your dog while you're away, especially if he is known to tear these up. This could pose a choking hazard.


Enlist or Hire Help

Arrange for a dog walker, pet sitter, friend, or relative to stop by your house daily to check in on your dog if your work schedule requires you to be gone for extended periods of time. Like people, dogs need to go to the bathroom and get enough physical activity during their day. After all, who wants to be cooped up for hours on end? If it's not possible to arrange for this, walk or run with your dog for 20 to 30 minutes before heading to work. The workout will give your dog a much-needed release of energy and help him get a good snooze while you're away.


A Room With a View

Set up your dog's water bowl, toys and bed in the room with the best view in the house. If he can see birds or cars going by, all the better! We all love a great view and dogs are no different. Being able to see people, cars and other animals outside will help to stimulate your furry friend's mind and help him to feel less alone while you're away.

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