How to Stop a Dog From Crying in the Car

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Taking your doggie for a ride? All's well until he starts crying and whining and driving you crazy while you're trying to concentrate on the road. Some dogs need time to get used to driving around, especially when they're puppies and the movement feels more like an earthquake than a fun ride. Just keep taking him for short drives and he'll eventually realize a car ride is the start of a new adventure and nothing to worry about.

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What's Behind the Whining?

First, try to figure out why he's crying in the first place. Is it because he's stuck in the back of the car rather than sitting next to you? Could he be nauseous or scared? Maybe he's just overexcited because a trip in the car usually means a stop at the dog park or beach time. Figuring out the cause of the crying can help you address it better.


Let in Some Air

Open the window just a little bit. Enough for your pup to be able to smell the world as it rushes by, but not enough for him to stick his head out --this could be dangerous and could even worsen the agitation, especially if he tries to get out of the moving car.

Bring A Familiar Item for Comfort

Bring Fido's bed or favorite blanket and place it right on the car. Maybe all he needs is a familiar place to lie so he feels some comfort. What about his favorite toy?


Steer Clear of Tummy Trouble

While feeding treats or bringing a bone along might seem like a good idea, don't do it. Some dogs get nauseous when riding in a car, and the last thing you want is for your pup to puke during your drive. To prevent this, avoid feeding Fido for at least 12 hours before the car ride and see if that makes a difference. Tummy aches, nausea and just an overall icky feeling could be causing the crying. If you avoid food right before the ride and the crying stops, simply keep doing that in the future.

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