How to Stop A Dog From Eating Snails

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Snails are hosts of the deadly parasite lungworm. If your dog consumes an infected snail, the parasites travel through the respiratory tract, bloodstream and organs, often causing nosebleeds, bleeding from the eyes and even organ failure.

Preventing Consumption

Prevent your dog from eating snails by monitoring him when outside, especially near gardens and bushes where snails feed. Remove feces or stagnant water from your yard, where larvae are awaiting hosts. Remove slugs from your yard with natural products that aren't harmful to your dog.


A trip to the vet for blood tests, fecal tests or X-rays is essential if your dog consumes a snail. Veterinarians can apply liquid medication to your dog's skin if he has consumed the parasite; some advocate applying it as a regular preventative to combat possible infestations. The medication will kill any parasite larvae, as well as fleas or other present parasites. For a large infestation, your dog may require surgery.

By Amanda Williams

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