My Dog Keeps Growling at One Specific Person

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Dogs growl to alert their pack about a perceived threat and to ward off that threat, but it's definitely not cool when your pooch bares his teeth at a friend or family member. It may also be particularly alarming if your dog focuses his growling on one particular person. This type of behavior should be corrected as early as possible through training and proper socialization.

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Basic Training

Gain your dog's respect and obedience through consistent positive reinforcement training. Teach your dog basic commands like "sit," "stay," and "quiet" and practice these commands daily.


A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

Keep your dog from any contact with the person she growls at until she has been thoroughly exercised. If she is tired, your pooch will not have the energy to be aggressive toward this person.

Don't Reward Bad Behavior

Do not give your dog any attention or comfort when he growls; it will merely encourage the poor behavior. Rather, teach him a simple command of "Quiet" or "Be still," and speak this to him firmly and calmly when he growls.


Socialize Pooch with the Person

Have the person your dog growls at sit in a chair. Toss dog treats or kibble around the chair and allow your dog to approach at her own comfort level. Do not have your friend speak or move the first few times you try this exercise. As your dog begins to associate this person with safe treats, have him issue known commands such as "Come" or "Sit." Allow him to reward your dog with a treat. If the dog growls, remove her from the room with a firm "No," and try again in a few minutes. As your dog becomes more comfortable, progress to having your friend hand her the treats and pet her.


Warning: If your dog continues to growl at this individual in spite of continued training, do not take any chances of a bite; seek professional help.

By Lori Lapierre

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