Noise Anxiety in Dogs

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Does your pooch turn into a trembling scaredy dog when exposed to certain sounds? While some dogs pay no attention to loud noises, some are spooked by them. Since spooked dogs can be destructive, helping Fido cope with unpleasant sounds can reduce anxiety for both of you.


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Noises Dogs Hate

The louder the noise, the more likely it is to freak some dogs out. Thunder and fireworks top the list of noises many dogs hate. Sirens, motorcycle engines, car horns and noisy garbage trucks are likely to be tossed into the mix. Even vacuum cleaners and doorbells can send some dogs into a full panic.

Why Dogs Hate Loud Noises

Dogs have a more acute sense of hearing than people do, which is why they tend to be more sensitive to sounds. Your dog can pick up sounds about four times farther away than you can, and they can detect frequencies you aren't even aware of. While the sound of the vacuum might seem like no big deal to you, your dog hears a much different, louder version of what you do.


Dog Reactions to Loud Noises

Fido wants to escape the frightening sound of loud noises. Many dogs react to loud noises by attempting to run away or hide from them. If they are unable to escape the noise, some phobic dogs respond to fear by whining, barking or urinating. If your dog desperately tries to escape the noises that have completely rattled his nerves, he could injure himself or your property in his attempt to get away.

Dealing with Noise Phobias in Dogs


Are you unwittingly reinforcing your dog's fear of loud noises and intensifying the danger to your faithful friend? Think about how you normally react when you see your dog displaying fearful behavior about a particular noise. If you comfort or coddle Fido in an attempt to make him feel better, the reward of extra attention may reinforce his fearful state. If you punish Fido for displaying fearful behavior, that is a breach of his trust in you, and it will greatly increase his despair. The best way to deal with a dog's noise phobia to ignore his fearful behavior while reinforcing increased noise tolerance with praise and rewards.



Check your local pet store for commercial products such as the Thundershirt, which is designed to minimize dog anxiety. Studies as well as anecdotal evidence have shown them to be beneficial for some. Consult with your vet or an animal behaviorist about the possibility of using behavioral therapies such as sound desensitization or oral medications to reduce noise anxiety in your pal.


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