Personality Traits of Dachshunds

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Demeanors in the various types of dachshunds vary slightly, but in general they are fun-loving and personable animals. Dachshunds have big personalities and don't necessarily think of themselves as small, which means that without the proper training they can grow up to be rambunctious. Dachshunds may be stubborn, but they are also friendly. They form close bonds with their owners that may extend to acting highly protective.

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Devoted People Pleasers

Excellent diggers capable of squeezing into relatively tight spots, dachshunds were once bred primarily as working dogs. Though they are no longer typically bred for maintaining the badger population, today's dachshunds retain the lineage of obedience to master and steadfastness of their forebears. Dachshunds are extremely loyal, dependable and attached to their human families. Dachshunds are wary of strangers, but they become friendly, approachable and devoted once they get to know a person.


Proud and Stubborn

Also due in part to their working background, dachshunds are particularly clever, independent animals. This means you have to invest time and energy into properly training them while they are young or else they will grow up without the sense of discipline they need to behave. These dogs are proud, stubborn animals, so you have to be consistent with their training. Otherwise, their demeanor will have them calling the shots around the house, not you.

Curious and Protective


What dachshunds lack in size they more than make up for in personality and passion. Dachshunds aren't necessarily as intimidating as other, bigger breeds, but they still make excellent guard dogs. These animals are highly protective and dedicated to their homes and their families; they won't hesitate to sound the alarm when a stranger comes around. Curious and brave, dachshunds will run toward perceived threats to take a stand. Good boy. Or not.

Variations by Type

While a dachshund's demeanor is generally reliable no matter the type, certain differences do appear to cause predisposed to certain unique temperaments. For example, long-haired dachshunds are typically quieter and more reserved, though they are still playful. Wirehaired dachshunds are usually more rambunctious and can be slightly more difficult to handle, as they have a silly and energetic demeanor. The smooth-haired dachshund falls somewhere between these two coat types, demonstrating a combination of playfulness and tact.


By Tom Ryan


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