Signs That a Dog Has Bonded With You

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If you crave a tight-knit bond with your pooch, understand that these connections take time and work, and they don't necessarily development overnight. You can build trust with your pooch in many ways, from feeding her to playing with her. If a bond is forming, you'll be able to see the signs.


Good Behavior

A well-behaved dog is a sign of one with a strong bond to her owner. If your dog seemingly effortlessly looks to you for direction in her everyday actions, then she is either bonded to you, or at least in the process of it. If she shows up promptly when you say her name and patiently waits for you to put her leash on before you go outdoors, she respects and loves you, and wanting to be a member of your team comes naturally to her. The absence of defiance from the dog is a strong indicator of a positive human-canine relationship.

Attached at the Hip

If a dog is bonding or bonded to a human being, she might act like she's attached to you at the hip -- in a good way. If you go together for a relaxing outdoor stroll, she won't try to escape for "greener pastures." Instead, she'll contentedly remain alongside you, taking in all of the exciting new sounds and sights with you as her companion. When a dog bonds to a human being, said person becomes the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even if a lot of exciting stuff is going on, a bonded dog still has time and attention for her owner.


Body Language

Dogs often respect their tender connections to their owners through simple body language. If your fur ball enjoys your company, you might be able to see it in her appearance. If her mouth is just a tad ajar, it means she's probably comfy and at ease when you're around. If she rolls around over the floor when you're around, she deeply trusts you. If her tail waves and can't seem to stay in one spot when you're in her sight, you make her extremely happy.

Bonding Activities

Apart from identifying the signs of a canine bond, knowing what to do to build or strengthen said connection is also imperative. Show your pet that you are trustworthy and eager to put time and effort in by playing with her on a regular basis, stroking her back and head, feeding her a nutritious diet and encouraging her physical fitness by going outside with her frequently. Maintaining a stable grip on training and rules also is crucial for bonding with your doggie -- and receiving her utmost respect. If you properly do all of these things, chances are your dog is already bonded to you -- or at least close to it.