Stop a Dog From Waking You Up Too Early

It's funny how Fido wakes you every day at the exact time -- almost as if he had his own internal alarm. Unless his alarm goes off at 5 a.m. The good news? You can reset Fido's alarm with a bit of practice and a few tricks.


Tip #1 - Pick the time you want everyone -- including Fido -- to wake up. No need to try and explain the time to the dog, but keep it firm in your mind. If you decide that nobody gets up before 7:30 a.m., then you don't get up no matter how much whining, crying, barking or door scratching happens at 7. If you give in just once, Fido will learn that he can break you -- and he'll keep trying every time he's done sleeping.

Tip #2 - Take the last bathroom walk as late as possible. If you have a yard, let Fido go out right before you close the door to go to bed. You can't be sure he went to the bathroom at all? Go out into the yard with him and don't go back inside until he's done.

Tip #3 - Try using a crate if you're OK with the idea. Puppy will eventually -- after a lot of sad puppy eyes and some loud whining -- get used to the idea that it's not time to get up and start the day until the crate door opens. Don't like the idea of crates? Try letting the puppy sleep in another room. Some dogs will sleep longer and better if they share the bedroom with you, simply because they enjoy human company. Others might do better being locked in the kitchen.

Tip #4 - Darken the room where your puppy sleeps. Many dogs will sleep through the night but will start getting antsy once the sun is up and they think they're missing out on fun things by staying in their beds. So go ahead and invest in some blackout curtains so you can trick Fido into thinking it's still sleepy time.

Tip #5 - Never feed Fido as soon as you wake up in the morning. He'll associate waking up with yummy stuff and might start waking you early just because he wants to eat.

By Tammy Dray


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