The 7 Best Treats For Dogs Who Need To Lose Weight

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Your dog is the best dog ever, which is why you love to give him treats. After all, he is a seriously good boy. But to truly treat your amazingly good boy like the best dog in the world that he is, you've gotta treat them right with the right treats. By giving your dog these healthy and low-calorie treats, you can keep giving your dog a treat when he or she deserves it, which is pretty much a lot of the time. Okay, maybe most of the time.

1. Bear Crunch by Charlee Bear Dog Treats


These crunchy treats are grain-free and only 3 calories each! They come in mouth watering flavors like bacon-blueberry, chicken-pumpkin-apple, and turkey-sweet potato-cranberry. Even finicky dogs find these crunchy treats irresistible.

2. Whole Life Pet Dog Treats


Whole Life Pet Pure Protein Bites come in a wide variety of flavors. Each flavor is made of just one ingredient that is freeze dried to retain natural flavor and nutrients. They process their treats small batches, ensuring that the end product is the highest quality possible. They are also human grade, sourced and processed in the USA and at only 3 calories per treat, so you can feel guilt-free giving these to your dog.

3. Clear Conscience Pet Lamb Airy Bites


Clear Conscience Pet prides themselves on their clear label and simple ingredient profile of their pet treats. Their Lamb Airy Bites are a serious doggy favorite. These treats focus on just one single ingredient: freeze-dried lamb lungs. The crunchy texture and small size make them wonderful snacks since they are packed with protein and low in calories.

4. The Honest Kitchen Pecks


The Honest Kitchen Pecks treats are bite-sized, crunchy, cookies made for dogs of all sizes. They are only 0.6 calories per piece and all ingredients are USA sourced and processed. For the ingredient junkies, you should probably know that there is no corn or wheat and all ingredients are GMO free.

5. Get Naked Low Calorie Dental Chew Sticks by NBone


Looking for a treat that will last longer than just a quick bite? Then these low calorie dental chews should do the trick. They are made with vegetables and the consistency is specifically designed to help clean your dog's teeth as they chew. They also include green tea extract (decaf) to help keep your pet's breath fresh! Only 18 calories per chew and high in fiber, these should occupy your pup for a while.

6. Puptato Chips by PuppyCake


Puptato Chips are made with just one simple ingredient... sweet potato! They are sliced thin and dried--not fried! This leaves the treats a crunchy chip-like size; deliciously designed for your dog to enjoy. These "chips" are virtually fat-free, high in fiber, and have key nutrients like beta carotene.

7. LeanLix by Himalayan Dog Company


LeanLix are a fun and innovative product that your dog will seriously go lickin' crazy for! These sticks are made of a combination of all-natural ingredients that produces a thick paste which is held within a large lipstick-like container (kind of like a pop up ice cream). Simply remove the cap and let your dog lick away! At less than a calorie per lick, your dog can lick for hours, or probably minutes, but you'll figure it out!