The Average Life Span of an Irish Wolfhound

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The Irish wolfhound is a breed of massive and stately canine that has an extensive history of hunting, mostly of Irish elk and wolves. In the modern age, Irish wolfhounds are beloved companion pets, with mild, soft and friendly overall dispositions. In keeping with their names, Irish wolfhounds' origins indeed lie in the Emerald Isles.

Average Life Span of Irish Wolfhounds

Irish wolfhounds have brief life expectancies when compared with many other breeds in the canine world. These hounds' life spans usually last for anywhere between 8 and 10 years, indicates the website

Bigger Dogs

As far as size goes, Irish wolfhounds are immense canines, with heights, beginning at their shoulders, of between 30 and 34 inches. They possess the distinction of being the tallest of all doggie breeds, notes the American Kennel Club. Their considerable stature, however, is part of the reason their life expectancies are on the short side. Bigger dogs do not usually live as long as tinier ones -- think Lhasa apsos, Pomeranians and Yorkshire terriers. The vital organs of big pooches undergo more pressure and stress than those of the little guys, hence the shorter lives.

Common Health Conditions Within the Breed

The presence of health conditions often affects the length of an Irish wolfhound's life. As a breed, these dogs are occasionally susceptible to ailments including bone cancer, von Willebrand's disease, gastric torsion, heart disease, progressive retinal atrophy, lymphoma and hyperthyroidism, among others. Cardiac failure specifically leads to many fatalities in dogs of this breed, reports the Irish Wolfhound Club of America.

Veterinary Attention and Exercise

Although you can never predict how long an Irish wolfhound -- or a dog of any breed -- might live specifically, you can put in your strongest efforts to encourage his glowing longevity. This includes a combination of proper diet, physical fitness, peaceful home environment and routine veterinary care. Make sure that your Irish wolfhound goes to the veterinarian a minimum of once per year. If he's on the elderly side, up his vet visits to once in each 6 months. If anything ever seems wrong, health-wise, get the cutie to the veterinarian's office immediately. Daily physical fitness is a must for Irish wolfhounds. Extended outdoor strolls work well for these purposes. Since Irish wolfhounds are such large animals, confined and tight living environments aren't suitable for them.

By Naomi Millburn

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